Friday, November 15, 2013

Where I've Been - A Day in the Life of Fantasy & SciFi

Hello readers, passersby, and anybody who's been wondering what's happened to my reviews.  I thought I should make a post to let you know that things are coming soon, and let you know what's up in my life of Fantasy & SciFi.

First of all, I've been reading a couple of review copies and they've been dragging me down.  It's a little hard to describe - I can probably list all of my problems with both of them, and neither of them is normally enough for me to write the book off completely.  I don't know if it's my mood, or the fact that I'm reading them together without something that balances them out, or what, but I've been working on the same books since before I published my last novel review and I haven't reached the halfway mark of either one.

Since then, I actually picked up a book and read it in about 36 hours, just proving how much time flies when you're reading a really good book.  When I get a moment to sit down and write it I will give you a review of that, and if I don't get any farther in the books I'm currently reading, I'll read another review copy.

Time to write, brings me to what I have been writing.  Over the next few weeks I will post some more updates, but I have been working on a tokusatsu story for National Novel Writing Month (better known as NaNoWriMo).  I'm a bit behind on word count due to a cold and some Ny Quil, but I'm working hard to get Not Enough to Be a Ranger done (or at least 50,000 words in) by December 1st.

Finally, Pokemon X and Y were released.  As I've dabbled in some Generation 3 games over the past year, I was more interested than ever in trying out a new Pokemon game.  As of this posting I have completed the main game (up to the Champion and the immediate battles afterward) and am considering a few blog posts on the topic, though I'm uncertain about this as I'm not quite ready to do a full review of a 100 plus hour game, and there are hundreds of Pokemon- and gaming-specific blogs out there.  I will probably post something, but I want to make sure that it is actually something unique first.

But why, you may ask, haven't I reviewed any movies?  Well, to be honest...I've either been exhausted, broke, or sick.  I am getting over bronchitis right now, otherwise I would probably have seen Carrie and Ender's Game by now.  Movie reviews will come (as well as some other reviews related to recent films to help tide you over) in the near future.


SQT said...

Oh my gosh Bill, I can so relate. I need to write a similar post explaining my own absence from my poor, neglected blog. I've been struggling with the reading too (I just read a non-fantasy J.K. Rowling just to prove to myself that I could finish something (the first book in a month or so).

I have also had the personal aspects of life get in the way recently (it does tend to so that) but I think I'm getting a grip on things and may be ready to get back to reviewing soon.

Maurice Mitchell said...

I can never catch up on my reading, but I'm getting closer. Looking forward to more from the blog and I hope you feel better soon Bill.

Bethany Jones said...

Hope you feel better soon!