Saturday, July 20, 2013

I'm terrible at doing these: The Podcast goes on

While I don't always make it to the blog, be it because we've done many of these recordings late at night, or simply because I've been making other posts, we have been continuing to record episodes of "An Unearthly Podcast".

I've compiled the episodes (which are spread over several Youtube channels) into a single playlist.  This should keep updating, although unfortunately Youtube currently neither allows me to embed it in Podcast form or allows you to subscribe to the playlist itself in any way.  As of now there are 21 episodes in the playlist, and one that we discovered was missing from Youtube that I am re-uploading tonight.  Episode 23 was recorded this weekend, and vanished off the face of the internet; we'll figure something out.

Please be forewarned that some of the language may be NSFW, and that podcasts of older series episodes may not be particularly sensitive to whether or not you are familiar with the show.  It's not entirely exclusive (When the show started last Autumn, I was not familiar with Classic Who), but we don't make any special effort to clarify EVERYTHING we discuss.

Our review of Ghost Light:

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