Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kickstarter: Showing Support For the Sci-Fi Reviewer Community

I normally don't take it upon myself to post much other than reviews here.  I usually let SQT and Jim post about the outside world while I do what I joined to do: Tell you what I think of books, comics, movies, and occasionally TV shows.  However, I am the resident Whovian here, so this falls to me, and I think it's worth bringing to your attention.

Philip Sandifer is the host of TARDIS Eruditorium, a site that looks at Doctor Who with more depth and intensity than I ever considered looking at a TV show with.  While we don't always see eye to eye on what makes good fiction, the fact that he opens my eyes wide enough to look into his is enough reason for me to keep reading.

Sandifer is currently hosting (is that the right word) a Kickstarter project.  This was originally intended to fund an improved version of his first independent book, and has gone on to set up other projects for Sandifer to work on.  While it's certainly past the point of needing further donations, I think some viewers might want to see such a project evolve.  I certainly do, if only because I like to see these projects succeed, as I intend to go forward with projects that share some similarities with his in my own time.  If you are a fan of Doctor Who, it's worth noting that the Ebook versions of his books offered as incentive for donating are below retail Amazon price, so that's worth a glance if nothing else.

For the sake of disclosure, I still haven't decided if I'm going to donate to this or not, largely because I don't like spending more than $3 for a book, and because if I let myself I would buy the $250 tier, and I just can't afford to let myself do that.

As of posting this, the project has 16 days to go.  I'm curious as to what will result of this, and if the followership of this blog has any strong feelings one way or another.

Here's the video for the Kickstarter project:

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