Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kid’s Stuff: Star Wars – A Galactic Pop-Up Adventure by Matthew Reinhart

A brand-new explosive, interactive, pop-off-the-page book about George Lucas's STAR WARS movies from NY TIMES bestseller Matthew Reinhart!

Matthew Reinhart has created another spectacular pop-up book for George Lucas's epic STAR WARS movies! The NEW YORK TIMES bestselling pop-up artist and engineer has created a brand-new 3-D experience, packed with a variety of novelty features -- pop-ups, working lightsabers, pull tabs, and other interactive looks at the exciting and popular movies. This new look at STARS WARS explores the characters, stories, vehicles, droids, and more in the three prequel movies and the Clone Wars. It's a stunning book that will impress all fans of STAR WARS and gives a whole new perspective to the universe.

I have a six-year-old son and an eight-year-old son and both of them love these pop-up Star Wars books. I believe the first one (A Pop-up Guide to the Galaxy) was a best seller, and it still gets pulled out by my kids on occasion (such as when the new book showed up). For those who care about such things, the first book was more devoted to the Original/Classic Star Wars trilogy, the second is more geared towards those fans of the Prequel trilogy and The Clone Wars. Because of that, my eight-year-old (who’s a big fan of the TV show) was much more engaged with this new book.

What you get are giant pages which open up to reveal one main 3-dimensional pop-up feature, followed by many smaller pages and pieces which can be unfolded to allow more pop-ups to occur. Each gatefold page has a theme – from planets to creature, enemies to technology. There are some obvious favorites among my boys, from Jango Fett and the Battle Droids, as well as the 3-D model of the Republic Gunship (which is used to bring Clones down to the surface of planets during an assault). Probably the best feature is the finale – where Anakin pops out of the book with a blue glowing lightsaber, only to have it turn red when Vader’s mask builds itself over his face. It’s a great effect, just like so many of the others found within – these pop-up effects only highlight the fact that the artwork itself is such a pleasure to look at.

But that’s not all! Another great part of this book is all the information it imparts – not content to merely be a pop-up book, this looks to also be a kind of guide-book, introducing readers to various aspects of the Star Wars universe beyond what you would learn from watching the films. You can learn a little bit about droid history, the evil scientists working for the Separatists, and what was learned about the Balance of the Force from The Clone Wars TV series last season. It’s both fun book and an informative one, and easily something I can recommend picking up for yourself or your kids. I know there are people who collect these kinds of high quality pop-up books, and this one is definitely worthwhile.


Charles Gramlich said...

I would have loved these kinds of books as a kid.

SQT said...

My son loves this kind of stuff. We have a book fair coming up next week and they always have the Star Wars pop ups so I'm sure we'll be coming home with one.

Diego Solas said...

Could you please take some pictures of the pages of the book please :)