Friday, September 21, 2012

Rants & Raves

Rave – Imperial Commando 2 written by Matthew Stover? rumors have started that author Matthew Stover may be returning to Star Wars to write the next (concluding?) novel in the Commando series. For those who don’t know the series, it started as Republic Commando (featuring special operations during The Clone Wars) and eventually became Imperial Commando, which had one novel (501st) before the author (Karen Traviss) of the series left to pursue other opportunities. Unfortunately, 501st left off on a cliffhanger with lots of unresolved plots – and many fans have been asking if Del Rey would somehow resolve/continue the series. Now, some fans are not pleased with the choice either because Stover is seen as different in tone from Traviss, or because they’d just rather see him write something else – but from my perspective I think he brings the correct amount of darkness and grit to the series, and he has the opportunity to not only resolve those plots, but perhaps make it better align with The Clone Wars and allow the series to reach out to new readers without requiring them to play catch-up (and read the entire series to that point). I hope this rumor turns out to be true, I could hardly ask for a better choice other than bringing back Traviss’ herself (and judging from her outline for the next book, it may be best that she wasn’t brought back to complete it). I won’t be surprised if we get this announcement at NYCC in a few weeks.

Rave – Adam Christopher writes Star Wars? I’m going to begin my own rumor, though I’m going to explain where it comes from. I won’t be surprised at all to learn that Adam Christopher (of Empire State and 7 Wonders) is brought in to write either a Star Wars novel or comic book. Why do I feel this way – well it has a lot to do with his twitter feed. He’s been interacting a bit recently with the editor from the Star Wars line of books. He’s been talking cryptically about a “project SW” that he was outlining. He asked his followers for recommendations of Star Wars books to read. I’m adding all those together and thinking he’s at least been asked to present a proposal/outline for a Star Wars story – we’ll see if it leads to anything. Meanwhile, he’s a big fan of superheroes and comics, and with the powers of the Jedi it seems a good fit (similar to the theory that fantasy authors who are used to characters with magic are a good fit for the Star Wars universe). If you’re curious about his work, check out his recent novels (mentioned above).

Rave – more Marvel Now! Lots of Marvel titles are relaunching in the wake of Avengers vs X-Men (but not restarting/resetting like DC did) – some of which I’m excited about, some not so much. While I really like the idea of Cable returning to X-Force (I’m a fan of the original series), I’m not really feeling the rest of that team. However, a team I’ve previously had no real interest in – the Thunderbolts – has a line up now that looks really intriguing, talk about a group that doesn’t play well with others. I like the premise of both groups (X-Force on the run, Thunderbolts being an aggressive proactive strike force) so I may have to check them both out.

Rant – books are too long. Yes, I said it. There were some tweets/stories about a week ago about how YA books are popular with adults because they are shorter (and lack some of the extreme sex/violence present in too many adult books today). I’m not sure about the latter reason, but the former is definitely a plus for me. I fondly remember paperback books which were only 200 pages – tops. Even Stephen King recently mentioned his fondness for those kinds of books (with his new Hard Case Crime novel being that kind of book – of course, that’s putting aside the fact that most of his novels are of tremendous size), but I’d gladly read more books at shorter page counts (and maybe lower price points) than the new model (huge books, everything starts as a hardcover) – it takes me forever to finish a book. That’s the main reason I was intrigued by Amazon’s announcement about “serial” novels – sounds like a bit of a return to the smaller size, with new releases coming more often.

Rave – Forgotten Realms: The Sundering – I haven’t read many Dungeons & Dragons novels, but this crossover series written by an interesting range of authors (R.A. Salvatore, Paul S. Kemp, Erin M. Evans, Richard Lee Byers, Troy Denning and Ed Greenwood), featuring some of the most well known characters in the Forgotten Realms universe, heralding a new direction for the books and the game, sounds like a winner. Heck, this might even prompt me to catch up on some of these authors’ prior works.

Rave – Sword of the Jedi series. As I’ve said a few times during my reviews of her books in the Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi series, Christie Golden was the “find” of that series in terms of introducing a new author into the stable who are capable of putting out compelling Star Wars books. Unfortunately, I feel like Jaina (who is the Sword of the Jedi) was one of her weaker attempts at trying to capture the appropriate reactions of an already existing character (having put her through too many soap-opera like plot twists), but still I applaud the idea of giving this author (and this character) a new series (trilogy) to cut loose and make a story that’s not tied into a multi-author series.


Jocelyn said...

Whenever I come here, I have to think, "Wow. I don't read or know about any of this stuff." Then I get all warm and happy that so many do--that there are such passionate and informed readers in so many genres.

Plus, I love that EMPIRE STATE cover/poster.

SQT said...

Don't feel bad Jocelyn. I can't get my own husband to read my blog.

Regarding "Empire State"- I have got to read that book. Man, I am so swamped. I want to read everything and get so boggled by the piles and piles of books I have.