Thursday, September 27, 2012

Honest Movie Trailers

I don't know how I missed these. If you haven't watched these yet, you should. They're hilarious. Mostly I agree with their take on the movies they spoof-- but I will stand up and be counted as someone (specifically a girl) who likes Captain America. (NSFW)









Charles Gramlich said...

absolutely hilarious. I spent far too much time watching these.

SQT said...

I agree Charles. If you click over to their YouTube page you'll see there are more. I would have posted more but putting video up on Blogger had become a real chore ever since they forced me onto the new Blogger interface. That alone may make me switch to a new blog platform...

Blodeuedd said...

I spent way too much time watching this. LOVE IT

Spacerguy said...

The Avengers trailer is hilarious and who was that guy?

Donna Smith said...

I've never seen these before either but they are hilarious! I watched every one of them. I thought the Hunger Games trailer was so dead on w/ the Peeta/Gale thing

SQT said...

@Blodeuedd- Me too. That's why I had to post them here. That way I don't feel like I just wasted a bunch time on nothing.

@Spacerguy- The villain? I've read that his name is Thanos.
[quote]Thanos, according to is an Eternal and one of the original two sons of the colonist of Titan. The new villain possesses superhuman strength, endurance, reflexes and agility not to mention having "the superhuman physiology of all Eternals."

Another catch that will surely interest Marvel fans is that the new villain Thanos is immortal. Therefore, the twist on how the Avengers will succeed should be interesting. Even director and writer, Joss Whedon, said that he wanted to include Thanos in the movie as he called the villain "the most fascinating and powerful Marvel villain."
[end quote]

@Donna-- Me too! I'm still baffled by the casting.

The Man in Black said...

Thanos is a Silver Surfer enemy (among others I'm sure) who has at times attempted to destroy various percentages of all life in the cosmos in order to please his Mistress, Death.