Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Red Dawn" Trailer


Linds said...

I like a lot of the actors, but a part of me just can't buy the premise. According to interest gossip, I heard it was originally supposed to be China, but they switched it. While I get why they would, I just can't believe North Korea currently has the sort of military resources to launch that type of invasive attack, 'new uber weapon' or not (that magically took out all our military for the area and what's across the globe from a power outage on the western seaboard?)

I think the premise as a whole makes more sense for the original with the Soviet Union as the antagonist, given the threat both sides felt of all out war. For current times, it feels weird (and almost arrogant in a way) to watch 'Hollywood America' claim victim against a country that isn't at the same military level. And not in that the idea of America being invaded is absurd, but really, I think they'd just bomb us first rather than send some crazy expensive force to try and invade.

I kinda wish it was some high tech terrorist agency a la COBRA or HYDRA instead of a specific country.

SQT said...

I agree wholeheartedly. I've never been on board with North Korea as the antagonist. Too bad you didn't write the script for this. The COBRA/HYDRA idea is way better.

Linds said...

Ha, thanks ;)