Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday

This is a blog meme hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine to spotlight upcoming books. This week we're featuring picks chosen by SQT and Jim.

SQT's can't wait to read selection is:

Mockingbird by Chuck Wendig
Publisher: Angry Robot
Date: August 28, 2012
Pages: 416

Miriam is trying. Really, she is.

But this whole "settling down thing" that Louis has going for her just isn't working out. She lives on Long Beach Island all year around. Her home is a run-down double-wide trailer. She works at a grocery store as a check-out girl. And her relationship with Louis--who's on the road half the time in his truck--is subject to the piss and vinegar Miriam brings to everything she does.

It just isn't going well. Still, she's keeping her psychic ability--to see when and how someone is going to die just by touching them--in check. But even that feels wrong somehow. Like she's keeping a tornado stoppered up in a tiny bottle.

Then comes one bad day that turns it all on her ear.

Anyone who read my review of "Blackbirds" by Chuck Wendig knows I love the character of Miriam Black. "Mockingbird" should be good because Miriam is not a character you can expect to be complacent about anything. The supernatural aspect of the story is always intriguing too- so I'll be reading this as soon as it's available for review.

Jim's can't wait to read selection is:

The Simon & Kirby Library: Science Fiction
Publisher: Titan
Date: Oct. 23, 2012
Pages: 320

The Simon and Kirby Library: Science Fiction spans more than 20 years, beginning with the first stories Joe Simon and Jack Kirby ever produced together (beginning in June 1940)--their ten-issue run of Blue Bolt adventures. Then the Cold War years will be represented by Race For the Moon, featuring pencils by Kirby and inked artwork by comic book legends Reed Crandall, Angelo Torres, and Al Williamson.

"Joe was one of the industry's greatest innovators--he commissioned stories from some of the greatest talents of the time," series editor Steve Saffel notes. "Thanks to his efforts, we have exclusive access to more than 80 pages of original artwork from the 1950s. Stories by all four artists appear in all of their stunning detail. This was a book Joe wanted the world to see."

Other rarities from both decades are included, and as a bonus for readers, the volume features stories illustrated by Crandall, Torres, and Williamson--without Kirby.

Including an introduction by Dave Gibbons, the award-winning co-creator and illustrator of Watchmen, this is an historic volume no comic book aficionado will be able to live without.
Despite my love of comics, I'm not all that familiar with the early work of many of the "greats" - including Simon and Kirby. While Titan has done other releases of their early work, this collection due to its scifi theme appeals to me the most.


Elfy said...

After having read Blackbirds, really looking forward to Mockingbird, and it's great to see that they've retained Joey Hi Fi's striking cover art for the sequel.

SQT said...

I will admit that I liked the first cover better, but that's only because he set such a high bar the first time around.

Annabelle said...

I loved Blackbirds so much, it was one of my best reads this year. I cannot wait for Mockingbird! Great choice!

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We Fancy Books said...

I haven't heard of both books before... I'm looking for Blackbirds yay! ;)

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Bob Milne said...

Wendig just hasn't grabbed my interest, but the Simon & Kirby library looks interesting.

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Maria said...

Mockingbird looks really interesting - I haven't read Blackbird so I'll have to read that one first.

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Shortskie said...

Wow Mockingbird looks really good! That cover * 0 *! great choice!

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Jenese Leon said...

WOW, new follower! That Chuck Wendig book looks awesome. I love the cover! I just added the first book on my TBR! Thanks! :-)

Tribute Books Mama said...

Sounds intriguing, great choice.


SQT said...

Thanks! Following you back.

Aishah@ParanormalFantasyAddict said...

Wow! Crazy covers! They look really good and worthwile reads. Great pick!

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Howard Sherman said...

I love this science fiction blog. The sci fi vibe felt here really warms me up. Both of these books look amazing but the Simon & Kerby edition really screams out to me.

SQT said...

Thank you! Glad you stopped by.

Johanna said...


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