Friday, May 04, 2012

Free Comic Book Day Preview – May 5th, 2012

With so many people likely to see the Avengers movie this weekend, I thought it would be a good idea to let you all know about a way to build off of that movie and learn more about the original comic the movie was based off of. My kids and I have been going to Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) for the past couple of years, and here it is again this Saturday. I’m going to do my best to give you a little preview of what we’re going to be picking up, which is only a portion of what’s going to be available – ABSOLUTELY FREE – and you’re interested in attending yourself, you can find your local participating comic shop here.

Nowadays, I tend to use FCBD as a way to preview some titles I might be interested in picking up later in collected editions (I’m a “wait for trade” guy at this point, I don’t collect monthly comics anymore). My kids just enjoy reading the comics, at this point I’m not sure they even realize these things actually come out monthly, just that they get to have some every once in a while when FCBD or NYCC (New York Comic Con) rolls around.

I’m probably most excited for the preview of Hypernaturals – a scifi superhero series from Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, the guys behind the recent resurgence of Marvel’s cosmic superheroes. But it’s a close tie with Transformers 80.5, the next issue in the comics series started by Marvel in the 80s, which lasted 80 issues (and I read & collected every issue of that series) – now picked up by IDW using the same writer and artist who were on the book when it was cancelled by Marvel.

Revisting the 80s continues with the Voltron comic, though I was only a mild fan of that show. Likewise the comic company Valiant who are relaunching a bunch of their titles this summer, and providing a line-wide preview on FCBD. I wasn’t a collector of their comics back in the day, but I always thought XO Manowar (a mix of Conan and Iron Man) seemed like a good scifi concept. Jurassic Strike Force 5 is another interesting scifi book I’m looking forward to checking out, which seems to be a theme as I’m expecting my older son to be gung ho for Dinosaurs vs Aliens.

If you’re a Marvel fan hyped up from the new movie, there’s an Avengers book and a Spider-man Season 1 preview – both of which I’ll be picking up. If you’re a fan of DC, they have a preview book for their New 52 titles as well. Rounding out my selections is Atomic Robo, which I’ve sung the praises of on this blog previously, a book with a great sense of humor and I highly recommend it.

My older son is currently “into” a number of very specific things, which could probably be summed up with the words; Star Wars, dinosaurs, dragons, dangerous animals and videogames. And there are free comics that fill each one of those. I’ve already talked about dinosaurs, and in the category of “fairly obvious” is the appeal of the Star Wars title (though it’s a shame that Dark Horse didn’t go in the direction of The Clone Wars like they did last year, that’s far more likely to get my son’s attention than Han Solo) and World’s Most Dangerous Animals. Gossamyr looks to have the fantasy/dragon element, and Sonic is a videogame he already plays. The only thing missing is a Skylanders comic (some company really needs to get on that one).
For my younger son, I’m thinking of a couple of the Disney titles (Donald Duck and Tinker Bell) as well as the younger geared Top Shelf Kids Club (with a story like Pirate Penguin vs Ninja Chicken how can you go wrong), Burt Ward: Boy Wonder (it’s got costumed dogs on the cover, there’s no way he’ll pass that up), and Superman Family. And there’s always a few surprises, comics that strike their fancy that I didn’t expect. Often, the store will be having deals on other comics, and we’ll pick up a few additional titles just to try some other things out. Either way though, we always have a good time going to our local comic shop on FCBD and I encourage you to do so as well.


Bob Milne said...

Slim pickings compared to the last few years, but I'm definitely interested in picking up Transformers, Star Wars, and Dinosaurs Vs Aliens. Might be nice to revisit the likes of Lady Death and Witchblade as well, but not so sure I want to know what's been done to Spiderman since my comic book heyday.

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

I don't collect comics anymore. I did it for years and got a huge collection that I had to lug around.

SQT said...

We have a participating store not too far from us. I'll have to take my son over- he'd love it.

Jim Haley said...

Actually, the Spider-man comic might appeal to you because it's meant to bring the character back to his first few years - the Season One name is meant to provide new readers easy access to the origin and early (unknown) stories featuring the character but still working within the existing continuity. I picked up this preview and enjoyed it, though I'm more interested in the Season One graphic novels dealing with characters I know less about. I'm hoping to read/review Fantastic Four Season One soon for the blog.

Jim Haley said...

So did you wind up going? I'm curious how it worked out for you - my own experience will be summed up on Friday in my Rants and Raves.

Jim Haley said...

Yeah, I've completely moved over to TPBs, and I could see myself moving to digital comics soon as well. Some of my experiences at FCBD this year only reminded me of why I've moved in that direction.

SQT said...

I wish I could say we did... We took the kids to see "The Avengers" (they loved it) and never made it over to the comic book store. I'll have to make a special trip over with my son just to get him a comic.