Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday

This is a blog meme hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine to spotlight upcoming books. This week we're featuring picks chosen by SQT and Jim.

SQT's can't wait to read selection is:

Wake of the Bloody Angel by Alex Bledsoe
Publisher: Tor
Date: July 3, 2012
Pages: 352

Twenty years ago, a barmaid in a harbor town fell for a young sailor who turned pirate to make his fortune. But what truly became of Black Edward Tew remains a mystery—one that has just fallen into the lap of freelance sword jockey Eddie LaCrosse.

For years, Eddie has kept his office above Angelina’s tavern, so when Angelina herself asks him to find out what happened to the dashing pirate who stole her heart, he can hardly say no—even though the trail is two decades old. Some say Black Edward and his ship, The Bloody Angel, went to bottom of the sea, taking with it a king’s fortune in treasure. Others say he rules a wealthy, secret pirate kingdom. And a few believe he still sails under a ghostly flag with a crew of the damned.

To find the truth, and earn his twenty-five gold pieces a day, Eddie must take to sea in the company of a former pirate queen in search of the infamous Black Edward Tew…and his even more legendary treasure.

The Eddie LaCrosse series by Alex Bledsoe is some of the best fantasy fiction being written right now in my opinion. It's similar to UF, but with more of noir feel to it. The series pays homage to everything from Raymond Chandler to Arthurian myth and yet somehow manages to have a modern sensibility to it. I am definitely looking forward to this one because.... pirates!

Jim's can't wait to read selection is:

Hellcyon by Lucas Marangon
Publisher: Dark Horse
date: 4/24/12
pages: 104
Military cadet Nika McKay returns to his birthplace, the distant colony-moon of Halcyon, only to witness the ruthless suppression of the colony's fledgling independence movement. Joining would-be insurgents, Nika aids in the capture of military "jackets," combat suits of incredible power and capability. Carrying out a guerilla campaign, Nika and crew become local legends and targets of Earth's ire. Dubbed the "Suicide Division," their nickname may become a prophecy!

Graphic novel featuring giant robot mecha? Sounds like my kind of book.


Bob (Beauty in Ruins) said...

The Alex Bledsoe series sounds great, but the cover is horrible - it just screams Harlequin romance to me. Thanks for getting me past it, because the storyline actually sounds pretty intriguing.

Here's my WOW

SQT said...

They recently re-designed the covers and they do totally give the wrong impression the books. Much too broody and romantic.

Patricia said...

The cover of the first one reminds me (for some silly reasons) of the first Mumy movie. O.รด :'D And I have to agree, it screams ROMANCE! Possibly even OLD SKOOL ROMANCE. ;>

Patricia // My WOW

JC Jones said...

Interesting choices. Here is mine https://twitter.com/#!/silverjo37/status/192740510190944260

Elfy said...

I just picked up the first of the Alex Bledsoe books yesterday. Yes, the covers are awful, but it's what's inside that counts. I've heard some good things from various sources about them, so I'll be interested to see how I take to them.

SQT said...

I think you'll like it. I'm glad to see so many people champion Bledsoe- he deserves it.

SQT said...

I can see it- the whole swashbuckling thing. Don't let the cover fool you-- not a lot of romance going on.

Reid Kemper said...

Hellcyon looks cool. You can't go wrong with mecha!