Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Boneshaker" to Come to the Big Screen

Oh hell yeah!

Cherie Priest's steampunk sci-fi novel "Boneshaker" is coming to the bigscreen with Cross Creek Pictures, Exclusive Media Group and Hammer Films onboard.

The companies said Wednesday that Hammer has acquired the rights to the novel. Project will be co-produced by Hammer and Cross Creek Pictures and co-financed by Exclusive and Cross Creek.

John Hilary Shepherd ("Nurse Jackie") is writing the screenplay. Hammer head of production Tobin Armbrust is overseeing.

Priest's novel is set in an alternate version of 1880s Seattle, where the city has been walled in and a toxic gas has turned many of its remaining residents into "Rotters," more commonly known as zombies. A young widow hunts for her teen son in the Seattle underworld while dealing with airship pirates, a criminal overlord and heavily armed refugees.

The novel, published in 2009 by Tor Books, is the first in a series set in the period, which has Priest has dubbed the Clockwork Century. Second novel "Dreadnought" was published in 2010, and the third, "Ganymede," was recently released.

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Michael Offutt, Expert Critic said...

I love zombies. The Walking Dead is my favorite show on television. I can't wait for this book to be made into a movie.

SQT said...

Me too. This is a great book. I can't wait to see all the steampunk elements with the zombies!

Elfy said...

I may have to elevate this up the TBR pile. I enjoyed Bloodshot and am currently reading Hellbent, so I know she can write.

Reid Kemper said...

Sounds cool. I hope the movie does well. I lot of movies-from-books are disappointing, though, but there are certainly excellent ones.

Spaz said...

All three of these are pretty much at the very top of my pile. Will start them as soon as I finish The Half-Made World.

Pabkins said...

So interested to see how this one will turn out!