Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random Thoughts

  • Mundane things stick out to me when I read certain books. Like, how is it that people are so well rested when the world is falling apart? I can't tell you how many times I've read books where the hero is attacked by demons/zombies/etc., and half their group is wiped out-- and what do they do? They fall into an exhausted sleep at the end of the day. Really!? I'm pretty sure the last thing I'd be able to in those circumstances is sleep. And how many times do people fall asleep in the arms of a friend/lover after a traumatic experience? Does that really happen? I don't know about you, but I can't sleep if my husband even thinks about touching me with his foot-- I am not a cuddly sleeper. 
  • Dystopian fiction seems to be the new black. I currently have several books based on a not-so-distant future after our current economic collapse goes demonic and/or zombie infested. Fun stuff. It's not surprising that entertainment would be inspired our current economic climate to get ideas-- I'd think it's strange if it didn't. But it's really odd to see reality shows featuring super-wealthy housewives in contrast with shows like "Falling Skies" and "The Walking Dead." I don't know about you-- but I don't care about a bunch of spoiled housewives. I'll take the zombies. 
  • Religion also seems to be on everyone's mind these days. Angels and demons everywhere! I need to read more of these books to get a handle on where people are going with this topic, but one thing I'm really interested in is how people would react if they definitively knew what their options were after death. So much of our lives are spent wondering what might happen -- but what would we do if we didn't have to wonder?  What kind of bargaining do you supposed people would do if they knew God was real? I feel some inspiration coming on and some writing in my future...
  • I just read a very charming book set in a small town full of quirky characters. Why don't I ever live in cute little towns like that? I never get the neighbor who feels my head bumps to determine my personality. Though I do frequently get the nosy neighbor-- so there is that. The closest thing I have ever gotten to this in my real life is when my mother-in-law spent a year as a Wiccan. I do have an online friend who is in the roller derby-- and that is way cool. But I fear my immediate neighbors will never be this adventurous. I'd do the roller derby myself if I could, but I'm too breakable these days. Is there a formula for coming up with a roller derby name?-- Because I'd like to at least have the name. (I have the best porn name ever-- Bambi Royall)
  • I never thought a kids' show would have me plotting revenge against my kids. But after waking up to Full House every morning for months, I need a way to get even for suffering through such ghastly preciousness. This show has not aged well and if I have to sit thorough one more "special" episode I am going to lose it. I've tried showing pictures of the grown-up Olson twins in their bag-lady outfits in an attempt to convince my kids they're no longer cute, but it's not working. 
  • In the theater of the absurd I think I like intelligent cartoons animals best. I would really love to have a cat that could laugh like Sebastian from "Josie and the Pussycats" or a dog that says "rut roh" like Scooby Doo. I would like to have a conversation with Foghorn Leghorn, be outsmarted by Bugs Bunny and even have Daffy Duck spit on me. I want to spar with a kung fu panda and have a St. Bernard bring me brandy in a barrel. I do not, however, want a rat to cook my dinner. 


Charles Gramlich said...

I'm not a cuddly sleeper either, which my wife complains about. The angels and demons thing is getting on my nerves. And 'full house,"? Grounds for execution for sure.

Julie said...

Wow! What a great collection of "random thoughts"! And I agree with every one of them, especially that evil show "Full House"! I just want to shoot the TV every time Michelle says something ridiculously cute! I also agree about not being able to be held when I'm sleeping. That would keep me up all night and be the perfect end to a day spent fighting zombies! Thanks for making me laugh today! I needed it after waking up to Full House yet again and fighting off a cute, quirky little town full of zombies :)

SQT said...

Charles-- I haven't gotten tired of the angels and demons yet. They haven't been worked over as much as vampires and werewolves-- which is definitely at the overuse stage.

Julie-- Thank you. Maybe Full House w/zombies would be tolerable.