Monday, June 06, 2011

Giveaway! "Chicks Kick Butt" - Edited by Rachel Caine and Kerrie L. Hughes

Okay-- I've had way too many posts lately that dwell on the negative aspects of being a woman. So to make up for that I'm putting up a very pro-girl selection of stories, that I have courtesy of Tor Books, up for giveaway.

Chicks Kick Butt~ Edited by Rachel Caine and Kerrie L. Hughes

Chicks are awesome--and never more so than when they are kicking some serious vampire/werewolf/demon/monster butt.

Chicks Kick Butt is an anthology that features one of the best things about the urban fantasy genre: strong, independent, and intelligent heroines who are quite capable of solving their own problems and slaying their own dragons (or demons, as the case may be).

Edited by Kerrie Hughes and Rachel Caine, Chicks Kick Butt features original stories from thirteen authors, eleven of whom are New York Times bestsellers:
- Rachel Caine (with a story from her bestselling Weather Wardens universe)
- L.A. Banks
- Rachel Vincent
- Karen Chance
- Lilith Saintcrow
- Cheyenne McCray
- Susan Krinard
- Jeanne Stein
- Jenna Black
- Susan Krinard
- Jeanne Stein
- Jenna Black
- Elizabeth Vaughan
- Carole Nelson Douglas
- P.N. Elrod
- Nancy Holder

Just add your information to the form below to enter (all information is guaranteed confidential and will be discarded once contest ends) and I will randomly pick one winner by Tuesday June 28th. No multiple entries please-- all multiple entries will be discarded. Open everywhere.

Good luck!

**Contest Closed**


Diana said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

Budd said...

that is one awesome title.

Giada M said...

It looks cool! Thank you for this chance! :D

Stewart Sternberg said...

Chicks Kick Butt...if it were a manual for a dominatrix, one who enjoyed anime, the title might draw me in. But Chicks Kick Butt would probably not draw my attention.

Mary Ellen said...

Thank you for the chance to win!