Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Giveaway! 2 Copies of "All the Lives He Led" by Frederik Pohl (U.S. Only)

Courtesy of Tor Books I have TWO copies of All the Lives He Led by Frederik Pohl to offer for giveaway. (This looks gooooood!)

The year is 2079. In the shadow of Mount Vesuvius a virtual reality theme park has been erected for Il Giubelo — the celebration honoring the 2000th anniversary of the volcano’s great eruption. Tens of thousands of tourists from around the world have converged on the site for the occasion. But trouble is brewing in Pompei. . . .
Brad Sheridan, an indentured servant from a post-disaster United States, has been hired to work as an “authentic” ancient Pompeian wine seller for the event. Brad already has his hands full — with the woman of his dreams, and with troubling events that threaten to cost him his job. But as the fateful day draws near, he uncovers a much bigger nightmare: A terrorist cell is devising a plot to draw attention to their cause by creating a disaster — one so massive it could wipe out humanity.

With his trademark eye for humanity, Frederik Pohl has created a multi-layered story about a group of people caught in the shifting current of political unrest. All the Lives He Led is gripping science fiction — a new masterwork from the Grand Master.

Just add your information to the form below to enter (all information is guaranteed confidential and will be discarded once the contest ends) and I will randomly pick TWO winners by Wednesday April 20th. No multiple entries please-- all multiple entries will be discarded. Open in the U.S. only.

Good luck!

**Contest Closed**


Charles Gramlich said...

I read a lot of Pohl when I was younger. Haven't read that much lately but I always liked hsi work.

Budd said...

sounds interesting

Denise said...

This doesn't sound like the type of book I remember Pohl writing but it has been a long time since I have read anything by him. It might be time to start again.