Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Real Life Superhero Project-- I'm Slightly Confused

Recently I saw an article for something called The Real Life Super Hero Project, and a couple of different thoughts ran through my head as I read through the piece.

My first thought was; it was bound to happen sooner or later.

My second thought; really?

The article I read at "The Daily Mail" was the typical fluff piece that is usually posted by a tabloid site. In other words, who knows how much of the information is to be trusted. But as I scroll through the actual site, I'm thinking that I don't feel that enlightened after perusing their pages either.

What exactly is the goal here? Are we looking at people who want to be Kick Ass or are we looking at Good Samaritans who like to dress up in costume?

For example, one "super hero" who goes by the name of Nyx has a semi-readable bio that, I think, tries to say that she does good deeds for the homeless. But I'm not sure. What I do know is that she likes to wear fishnet and show lots of cleavage. Other than that I'm kind of baffled.

Other bios seem to follow in the same mold at Nyx. The literally named Samaritan reads like that of a charitable guy who focuses primarily on Locks of Love-- which is great. But does one need a costume to do that?

Or what about The Vigilante Spider? He claims he doesn't commit vigilante acts and says he works with children. I'm... Uh... What?

Other heroes in this particular group do claim to do more dangerous work. Like Dark Guardian, who claims to confront and drive drug dealers out of Washington Square Park. And an online video appears to substantiate his claims.

I'm kind of on-the-fence on how I feel about this. In the case of the "heroes" who do wonderful, charitable works within their communities and like to wear costumes while doing it-- I say go for it. If it makes you happy and you're not putting yourself or anyone else at risk, what's the harm?

But the wannabe vigilantes? I gotta say, unless you have the financing and training of a real-life Bruce Wayne, I don't think any attempts at real-life superhero work is going to end well. Worse I worry that well-intentioned but untrained people are not only going to hurt themselves, but perhaps others as well.

Given our culture, this was inevitable. Most people are decent-- I do believe this. But we also crave attention and significance. I like these people a heck of a lot more than I like the idiots who look for fame through reality shows that feature their drunken behavior. But being well-intentioned doesn't always equal being smart.

And judging by the comments at the site, the attention these people are getting is definitely inspiring other would-be heroes to join the club. So what does that mean? More costumes or more potentially hare-brained behavior? I suspect a little of both. I'm mildly interested to see where this goes-- and slightly apprehensive as well.

Okay. Mostly apprehensive. Something tells me this isn't going to end up a lot like the Justice League.


furiousBall said...

my superpower is I can see the future and I see lots of people suing each other

SQT said...


Joe said...

Yeah, this looks like not just one, but a whole series of disasters waiting to happen.

Budd said...

The time is ripe for my "Real Life Super Villian Project."

Budd said...

Okay, I had to write about this on

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm joining this group. AS soon as I get my super powers in.

xenophon38 said...

I think "real" superheros are quiet professionals that serve their respective countries and communities without complaint or publicity.

These are glory-seeking morons with the the thinnest of excuses for giving aid. Question is, without the attention or adulation would they help anyone?

SQT said...

Xenophon-- I think you hit it on the head. Would they do this if they didn't get all the attention? I doubt it.

Kate said...

Well, let's see. I DON'T see real superheroes as showboaters. They are too busy helping people and keeping their mild mannered disguises intact. If I was a superhero, you would be I would be like Batman. No radioactive superpowers, just a lot of skillz and a lot of toys. Anyone else is not comic book worthy. Despite Kick Ass. :)

descending death said...

I'm friends with a RLSH met the crew hung out with them and let me tell you most of these dudes have read wayy too much comic books and will say anything to justify them wearing they're costumes and the attention theyre seeking it has very little too do with helping people its a cover up for guys parading in handmade costumes at night