Saturday, February 12, 2011

Neil Gaiman on eBook Piracy (His View May Surprise You)

Most authors frown on ebook piracy, but Neil Gaiman has a unique view that states ebook piracy is a good thing.

H/T SF Signal


Marion Sipe said...

Oh, great vid! Thanks for sharing!

Sullivan McPig said...

Hmmm... I can't agree with him.
This might be true for him as an established author, but there's tons of authors who only have ebooks out there for now and can only go on to print books if there's enough sales. Those authors won't get a sale if their book is pirated as no one buys the ebook when they already got it for free through pirating.

I must say I'm disappointed in Gaiman for not thinking this through and putting it out there to fuel the fires of pirates who try to defend their theft.

SQT said...

Sullivan-- I don't know. I think his point is that the exposure is what counts. I know that I "found" John Scalzi because he printed "Agent to the Stars" online and fell in love with his style. Since then I've recommended his books and bought more than a few.

I actually think you'll see unknown authors putting their own work out as "pirated" downloads just so people start reading their books. There will get to be a point when the market-- even the free one-- is totally saturated and we're all back to square one. In the end-- talent will win every time.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

THis is amazing. I'm so glad it works out great for him. I'm still weary about trying to get these but congrats for him. :) said...

My publisher *just* put out a press release about one of my books (Son of Ereubus) having been pirated en masse right after its release and we came to the same conclusion. It's just one of those things that as an author, I can't fight. And I can't be snarky either, I've borrowed books. I agree with Neil. In fact, there was a point in which I never posted excerpts either, because I was such a private person. Now, with the way the market is, and how easily readers can contact you, I've gotten over that.