Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Your Highness" Trailer

Ordinarily I'd be "meh" on this. But I'm starting to really like James Franco-- and well, Natalie Portman is good too. :)


mcgriffmusings said...

I saw this trailer awhile back and though I would be, like you, very "meh" about it, I had to admit that it looks really funny! I would go against my movie-going religion and see this when it comes out!

AvDB said...

My first reaction was, "Why is she in this?" Then, after the obligatory initial eye roll, I had to admit it looked amusing.

Wilson said...

I uhhh I'm a sucker for low-brow sorta comedy >.> And fantasy. And those pineapple express gang. And...yeah...I'ma watch this ^_^