Sunday, January 30, 2011

Random Thoughts...

  • Who started the whole endless series thing? Was it Robert Jordan? I only ask because I can't figure out how people stick with a series that long. I think I read the first eight books of "The Wheel of Time" series before I finally thought is this ever going to end? Now I'm so far out-of-the-loop as far as the story goes that I'd have to start all over and I don't know if I care enough about it to do that. And that goes for pretty much any series that goes beyond five books. How do the rest of you do it? Do you take notes? 
  • So it was just announced that some unknown guy has been cast as the new Superman. Phew! I was afraid that the other unknown guy who was cast to be Spiderman was going to be the only emo, slightly feminine superhero out there. Actually I'm kidding. I'm sure they're both very manly. But it must be hard to celebrate being cast in the bazillionth reboot of their respective franchises. How many confused looks they must get when they say "I'm the new...." People must say didn't they already do that? an awful lot.
  • It's official. The Academy Awards are completely irrelevant. Christopher Nolan did not receive a nomination for "Inception;" as egregious an omission as "The Dark Knight" in my humble opinion. I've read on some entertainment sites that Nolan was not nominated because he isn't cozy with the right people in Hollywood. There is also, so I hear, quite a bit of jealousy regarding the freedom he has to do his own work. Which just goes to show-- no matter how rich and successful you become, you're still going to have to deal with the same cliques you did in high school. 
  • Speaking of cliques... I've noticed that the feed on my Facebook page flows in two distinct directions. One is all about sci-fi/fantasy related stuff and the other has a lot of stats about sports teams that I know nothing about. I feel like a geek who has been allowed to sit at the 'cool' table for lunch-- only to wish I could return to the geek table. 
  • I finally got an eReader for Christmas-- but I'm not sure how good this is for me. It's waaaay too convenient. The instant gratification of getting a book immediately is scary for me and my wallet. Which is the point as far as the booksellers go-- I'm sure. I barely get into my newest book before I'm surfing the net looking for the next one. Oh well. At least I'm freeing up some shelf space. Gotta look on the bright side. 
  • I'm trying to think of another "thought" or two to put on the list here, but I keep getting distracted by a ridiculous set of commercials that keep running on the television right now. I have "National Treasure" on the television right now (there is nothing on television tonight) and they've got some bizarre "celebrity treasure hunt" tie-in going on. Seriously? How desperate to be on television to you have to be to do this stuff? What a life. Can you imagine if your job description was "reality television star?" I think I'd rather flip burgers at McDonald's. I'm almost embarrassed for these people. 
  • Yep. Now my mind is a blank. After those commercials and the subsequent ads for "Celebrity Apprentice" my brain is scrambled. This is your brain on reality-tv...


Charles Gramlich said...

The ereader thing. Yes, it is far too easy to buy those books and get them instantly. and the price is right, unless you buy a whole bunch! as I've been known to do.

TheMoose65 said...

The endless series thing.....ughhhh. In high school I read all the Wheel of Time books, the first few were very enjoyable, but then it just became.....too drawn out....way too many characters...way too slow. I've read the new ones but the last one was a slow read, I'm sticking with it because I want to finish it, but I want it to end already! It's just become too predictable, after reading them in high school I picked up Martin's series and was truly wow'ed. That guy will at least kill off main characters and you see nothing coming. Makes me wary of starting the Malazan series, but we'll see.
I know I've harped about Abercrombie before...but THAT'S how to do it. A nice trilogy where most all loose ends are tied up, some stand-alone novels that shares some of the same characters.

I also find it appalling that Nolan didn't receive a nomination...he will get one in due time.

Jessica said...

The endless series bit is driving my mother batty. She has started so many and right as she finishes the book she realized it's part of a series and so many of them the final one has yet to be written. Driving her nuts.

I haven't watched the Oscars in years and this year with what they did with Chris Nolan I never will watch them again.

M. McGriff said...

I love the randomness!! I think they got the idea of endless series from soap operas or maybe they just take the concept of epic fantasy to whole other level!

Budd said...

about endless series or just series in general. Lord of the Rings was a trilogy only because it was too big to publish in one chunk. Each book in a series should be self sufficient and tell a story that has an end. Narnia, Harry Potter, and series of unfortunate event all do this and are very successful. WoT and Martin do not do this, and while they are still very popular, they end up alienating their audience and scaring away new readers. One of the WoT books was just what everyone else was doing in the five minutes prior to the ending of the previous book. I am not making this up. Something big happened in book ten, I think, and book eleven was getting all the other characters to that place and getting their reaction to that big thing. Not a chapter of the book, not a paragraph, not a section, but the whole thing, I don't even thing the main protaganist was even in the book very much.

wheels209 said...

Lol your e-reader comment killed me(in a good way)because I do the same thing. I end up begging family members for b&n gift well but not pretty to watch.

Take care my friend have a great week.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Love your take on FB cliques!

And the way I see it, reading is never a waste of money. Think of how you're enriching your life for $9.99 a pop!

Blodeuedd said...

All I could think about when I heard about Superman was: Oh Cavill is so hot! And Nolan, wicked ;)

I would say...7 is enough, after that it's too much, and I loose interest. I mean even 7 are too much! A good fantasy is a trilogy. Fantasy should be 5, UF and PNR could be 7

Anne said...

Isn´t "National Treasure" that Nicolas Cage movie? Boring as hell, but with that cute fella who always plays the geeky guy?
Long book series are meant for lighter, non-detailed stories. Like Meg Cabot. You rent one of her series and by the end of the weekend they´re over. Quick and fun. That and HP are my only exceptions to 4+ book series :]