Monday, December 20, 2010

Contest Deadlines Extended...

As anyone who has done some shipping recently knows, trying to ship anything right now is a nightmare. I mailed off some books last week for a couple of contests that had ended and was told that if I didn't send the mail priority the packages would have a delayed arrival date. That wasn't a problem for me since I wasn't mailing off Christmas gifts, but it does make standing in line for over thirty minutes unappealing if the prizes are going to take a week longer to get there.

In other words, I'm not mailing anything off this week.

I have a couple of contests that have passed their official end date, but I'm extending them until after Christmas. As an added bonus I'm going to pick an extra winner for the "pick your title" giveaway to make up for the delay. So be sure to get your entries in if you haven't already.

the Pick Your Title Giveaway

Stars and Gods by Larry Niven giveaway


ediFanoB said...

This is a wise decision. Thank you for picking an extra winner.

Blodeuedd said...

I am still waiting for xmas pressies I ordered almost 4 weeks ago, 'tis the season