Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Giveaway! 6 Sci-Fi Titles Now Available on Blu-Ray!

Courtesy of Warner Bros. I have 6 awesome sci-fi action titles to offer  for giveaway to one lucky winner to commemorate their release on Blu-Ray. Just head on over to my GIVEAWAY PAGE for your chance to win Blu-Ray copies of titles like "Mars Attacks," "Matrix Revolutions" and "A Scanner Darkly."


Wilson said...

My head just exploded.

(And my entry has been...entered ><)

Andy the Time Lord said...

Um, awesomeness! Entry entered.

BStearns said...

Unfortunately there is nothing there that I particularly want on Blu-Ray. Best of luck to everyone though!

SQT said...

Wilson-- Keep an eye out for the LOTR giveaway I got coming up. Heck, I'm ready to enter that one myself.

Andy-- Glad you like it. :)