Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quick Note--

I have now been informed by a certain advertiser that I cannot have giveaways unless they are coupled with a review on this page. *Sigh* I may take this advertising off. It doesn't pay well enough to muck up my page. While I'm thinking about it, I'll leave all my giveaways on the Giveaway Page. The ones I have going currently are: "The Sapphire Sirens" by John Zakour "Mirrorscape" by Mike Wilks The Dark Void video game contest and "ArchEnemy" by Frank Bedor-- which is due to end. Thanks everyone.


Tia said...

Dang! So they're trying to tell you how to set up your blog? I thought many of your giveaways were for books that you were not able to get to. Which should mean that you can run your own giveaways whatever way you want.

SQT said...

Tia-- It's really starting to irk me. It's like I'm supposed to feel privileged to have their advertising on my page. I prefer not to have it, I just use it to pay for shipping since I do most of the giveaways myself.

Charles Gramlich said...

Well, it doesn't seem like they are appreciating it so screw 'em.