Saturday, October 17, 2009

Giveaway! "Traitor's Gate" by Kate Elliott

I am starting to get quite the collection of duplicates (ARC's and final copies) of various books and it's time to weed out my collection by sharing some books. Thanks to Tor Books I have one copy "Traitor's Gate" by Kate Elliott to give away to one lucky winner. Traitor's Gate by Kate Elliott In Spirit Gate and Shadow Gate, Kate Elliott took readers to the fascinating world of the Hundred, a land teeming with an array of cultures, gods, and conflicts blighted by the shadow of chaos and destruction. Now, with the same intensity and dramatic sweep that has brought this epic to life, Elliott returns to the exquisitely crafted cities and landscapes of the Hundred, in a thunderous conclusion to the saga. In the darkness of war and destruction, forces gather to reclaim the peace: Those immortal Guardians who still serve justice seek a means to end the devastating reign of one of their own; a hired outlander army struggles to halt the advance of the horde that has despoiled vast lands and slaughtered countless people in its murderous wake, while still guarding against a burgeoning threat from an aggressively expansionist empire; and the eagle reeves who have long been the only law enforcers of the Hundred struggle to reorganize after a devastating massacre has decimated their numbers. But even as these forces give hope to those who would live in peace, a terrible danger looms: a traitor with Imperial ambitions, the most dreaded, least anticipated threat of all… For a chance to win just enter your information into the form below (all information is guaranteed confidential and will be discarded after the contest ends) and I will randomly pick a winner by Saturday October 31st. Multiple entries will be disqualified. Open everywhere. Good luck! **Contest Closed**

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