Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Guild - Season 3 + Do You Wanna Date My Avatar

The new season of the popular web series The Guild premiered on Xbox Live today. It will be available online Sept. 1st if you're not an Xbox Gold member. I got hooked on the show a few months ago and it's hilarious, especially if you're familiar with gaming and general geekdom.
<a href="http://videoguide.msn.com/play/?g=7d9ab599-724c-413d-8afe-5999b05caec1" target="_new" title="The Guild Season 3 - Trailer">Video: The Guild Season 3 - Trailer</a>
And in case you missed their viral music video here it is:
For all things Guild related visit their official website at www.watchtheguild.com

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Steve Malley said...

Made me laugh, and I'm still smiling! I doubt there's any way the Dynamo will let me sneak such geekery into the house, though...