Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Winner! One Set of "Atherton" Series by Patrick Carman

I'm way late in getting this up (sorry) but I have randomly picked a winner to receive a full set of the "Atherton" series by Patrick Carman and the winner is... Mulluane. Congrats! Thanks to everyone who entered. I have lots of new giveaways coming up, including the newest book by Brandon Sanderson, a Wolverine graphic novel and the latest "Morganville Vampire" book by Rachel Caine. So keep an eye out.


Mulluane said...


I actually won!

I'm speechless, thanks so much.

Michelle G said...

Congrats Mulluane!!! :)


ediFanoB said...

Congrats Mulluane!!

AndrewPrice said...

Random? Do you remember way back when the Miss America pagent used to have a deathly-serious looking accountant come on stage to hand deliver an envelope as the announcer said: "PriceWaterhouse has tabulated the results."

I'm imaging in a similar process here. ;-)

SQT said...


There's a site that was designed just for stuff like this. It's random.org and it has a random number generator that I use to pick winners. No PriceWaterhouse needed.

AndrewPrice said...

Shoot. I was kind of hoping for the accountant, the bad suit, the over-sized sealed envelop. :-(