Thursday, May 21, 2009

V- Upfront Trailer

What's old is new again. Again. Good to see another "Firefly" alum (Morena Baccarin) on TV.


Nick said...

V is the one show I'm looking forward to the most. Can't wait!

Stewart Sternberg said...

Now, if they had cast Dick Cheney in the roll of the head V guy...I could believe it.

EGAD!!! Yet another remake. Obviously mankind has hit a creative wall. We aren't capable of coming up with new concept...and its not bad enough we pull from the old, we pull from the BAD old.

V was mediocre at times and sometimes brilliant, but mostly mediocre. The problem was thinking they could continue the storyline from week to week. Maybe the original problem was Marc Sanger. If these Bozo's in corporateland want to do something worthy, why not tap into a Heinlein universe? Lots of great storylines there. Or why not do a mystery series based on the Asmiov human/robot stories. Better yet, let's visit the untapped depths of Zelazny or even Moorcock.

Hell...this is why real science fiction fans get pissed. What's next? A third remake of The Invaders? Should we have another miniseries around The Day of the Triffids? Maybe we can do yet another version of Dark Shadows, this time with a cast where no one is over twenty five and maybe set it in Malibu. Yeah..Generation ADHD will love that.

V??? V!!!! ArrrgggghhhH!!!!!

Maybe I'll be wrong. I was wrong about Battlestar Galactica. I refused to watch it when it first came out (the original was so bad that I couldn't imagine a sequel or reboot doing anything other than sucking deeply).

T.D. Newton said...


Sorry, went a little nuts because I am pissed The 4400 got canceled just as it was getting in full swing.

Looks interesting.

SQT said...


I'm skeptical but I'll give it a chance. BSG did exceed expectations-- so there's always hope. For a little while anyway.