Monday, April 13, 2009

Stars of New Star Trek Movie Show Film and Visit Troops in Kuwait

This alone is enough to persuade me to pay the the price of tickets to see this in the theatre-- not that I wasn't going to anyway. But still. JJ Abrams Star Trek promotional tour took a side-step from the red carpet gala premieres and press events, to stop in Kuwait and give some lucky US service people an early look at the Star Trek movie. We have pictures and details from the event, plus some more Tidbits, including Pine in Vanity Fair, interviews with Cho and Urban and more. Star Trek world tour in Kuwait Today JJ Abrams and his actors from the new Star Trek movie stopped at Camp Arijan in Kuwait to show the film to a group of US service members. According to a report issued by the US Army, actors Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine, John Cho and Eric Bana along with executive producer Bryan Burk and director/producer J.J. Abrams presented the film to the service members. JJ Abrams is quoted as saying: "It struck us that there was an opportunity to not just have it be about the movie, but to have it be about something that’s more important than all that stuff … It’s an honor to come here to say hi and shake hands with the people who protect us" For more on this story, and more pics, go HERE.


Nepharia said...

Yeah, but did you see what happened in Austin, TX at the alamo draft house last week?

SQT said...

Um, no. I'll have to look that up.

Charles Gramlich said...

Very nice. I like that.