Wednesday, April 08, 2009


In the best tradition of Mel Brooks and "Spaceballs," Comedy Central has developed a screw-ball comedy just for us fantasy fans. Premiering April 9th at 10:00 p.m., Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire takes us to "the time of the long ago past" as we follow the adventures of Krod Mandoon (Sean Maguire) and his inept band of heroes as they take on the evil Chancellor Dongalor (Matt Lucas). In the season premier Krod (the son of a blacksmith and a stay-at-home mom) is on a mission to save his mentor, the great General Arcadius. Helping him are his band of trusty, but not so skilled warriors: Krod's girlfriend Aneka (India de Beaufort) a beautiful Pagan whose weapon is sex; Zezelryck (Kevin Hart), the magician whose only magic trick is his fast talking; Loquasto (Steve Speirs), the half-man/half-swine servant; and Bruce (Marques Ray) an unexpected addition to the group due to his, uh, relationship with General Arcadius. Narrated by Chris Parnell ("30 Rock"), Krod Mandoon is kind of a slap-stick version of "Hercules," with fast dialogue and asides reminiscent of Monty Python movies. Krod is well meaning but slightly sensitive, as demonstrated when an assassin reads a passage from Krod's journal.. what I miss more than the sex is the cuddling..., so Aneka's promiscuity tends to be an issue. His band of warriors is just as likely to hurt his cause as help-- as Krod learns when he is repeatedly hit by arrows shot from Loquasto's crossbow. The gags are over-the-top and sometimes predictable but they're still funny. When Krod urges Aneka to go to the nearest town and get some underwear, you can't help but laugh. When Dongalor is interviewing prospective assassins and exclaims, I love everything about him! He has flair, panache, even brio! Which almost no one has anymore! it's silly in a good way. I liked Krod Mandoon and I've noticed the show is getting pretty good reviews around the net, with Slice of SciFi and SF Signal giving the show lots of love. Reuters came back with a negative review, which shocked me because they had good things to say about "Reno 911," and frankly, I think Krod is funnier. At the very least Krod keeps to an ongoing storyline and I appreciated that. It's not just prat-falls and double entendres. It is, however, heavy on the sexual content, so watch after the kids are in bed. I suggest you take a look at the preview here and check it out. It's good fun and I'm going to go ahead and set my Tivo for a season pass. I'm optimistic like that.
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Krod Mandoon Series Preview
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wheels209 said...

Thank-you for posting this on you blog. I laughed my @ss off when I was was watching the preview. I was still laughing when I went to set my dvr. It reminds me a little of Robin Hood on BBC America. Take care have a great night.

Stewart Sternberg said...

I'm excited about this. I'm sorry I'm excited about this because it means it's going to suck.

SQT said...

Aw, don't say that Stu. Maybe calm down a little. Deep breaths. I liked the premier-- but I'm totally low-brow. If if keeps the same level of quality, I'll be happy.

daydream said...

I am idiot when it comes to humor. Even the weakest slapstick comedy can arouse a hilarious response from me, so I think I will enjoy this one, when I get the chance to watch it. You know how it is with US TV and Eastern Europe. :)

furiousBall said...

I'm looking forward to this tonight, like Stewart, I'm anticipating it sucking

SQT said...

La la la I can't hear you.