Friday, May 01, 2009

HUGE Giveaway on my Giveaway Page! 38 Books to Choose From!

I have 38 (!) books for you to choose from on my Giveaway Page. Head on over, look over the list, and pick 5 titles you'd like to have. I will pick 5 winners in two weeks to get a book off of their list. First place will win their first choice, and each subsequent winner will get their first available choice after that. Good luck everyone! And once you're done with that---> go read Harry's Artist Corner ;)


darkened_jade said...

Now this is a fantastic giveaway. Thanks so much for this. I had so much fun perusing the options.

furiousBall said...

how cool, nice job getting such a cool giveaway!

Social Ghost said...

38 choices. holy cow! And out of those 38 I only currently own 1 so I gotta get to work deciding. ;-)