Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Top 5 Action Movie Moments

John Nolte over at Big Hollywood has a list of his top 5 Superhero moments. This isn't a meme but it's a fun, quick list to add my picks to and then ask what scenes you would add. The only difference is that my list is going to be opened up to all action movies as opposed to just superhero ones. Nolte has some great picks on his list, my favorite being the scene in "Superman" in which Superman saves Lois as she falls from the roof of The Daily Planet and then catches the helicopter. The "you've got me? Who's got you?" line is the best and I'd have included it if I thought of it first. But since I didn't, here's the scenes I'd add.... Star Wars: Luke Blows Up the Death Star I love movies that have the kind of build-up and release. Everything revolves around destroying the Death Star. It is the embodiment of imperial power-- it can blow up a planet it's so powerful! But an inexperienced pilot like Luke Skywalker, with the use of the Force, defeats the ultimate evil by trusting his instincts. Awesome! The Matrix: Neo Dodges the Bullets It's actually really hard for me to pick a favorite moment from "The Matrix." There are so many good action sequences that it's tough to say that's the one! But I find that I really like moments in movies that are turning points and the reason I like the scene in which Neo does his backwards, slo-mo bullet dodge is because that's when he beings to realize what he is capable of. He hasn't quite reached the point in which he embraces being "The One," but he's figuring it out. The Abyss: Reviving Lindsay I love "The Abyss." I'm one of those people that can totally obsess over a movie and watch it over and over-- and for a long time "The Abyss" was my main obsession. What's so great about "The Abyss" is that it isn't just an action movie, though it has plenty, but it's also a character driven film that really explores the relationship of Bud and Lindsay (Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) which is contentious throughout most of the film. But when Lindsay drowns and Bud brings her back, we see how much he really loves her. I am a sucker for moments like that. The Terminator: Kyle Reese Saves Sarah Connor "Come with me if you want to live." That has got to be one of the best lines in action movie history. "The Terminator" is such a great movie. I was always sad that Kyle Reese never made it into subsequent films, so I have to be happy with what I can get. Michael Bien (who also just happens to be in "The Abyss") is great as Reese. He brings a palpable intensity and desperation to the role and no matter how many times you see it, you still silently urge Sarah to take Kyle's hand. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: The Fight Among the Trees I actually haven't watched "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" in quite a while and I'm thinking I am way overdue to watch this again. This was one of those movies that I obsessed over like "The Abyss." I'm a martial arts fan anyway, but this movie went so far beyond what I had known as a martial arts film up to that point. Beautiful in it's execution, as well as poignant in the story-line, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" is so good. But when I think of the movie, I always go back to the fight among the trees. So gorgeous. So what are your quick picks?


Charles Gramlich said...

Great ones, although I don't know if I'd include the Crouching tiger one. I was kind of put off by the tree fighting thing, although it was very beautiful.

I like the moment in the matrix where Neo stops the bullets. And the scene in Spiderman where he's got to save Mary Jane and the air car full of kids.

There's the great scene in "the Thing" where the creature has got into the dogs. One guy asks what it is and somebody else says. "I don't know but it's mean and pissed off."

Avery DeBow said...

Snake Plissken facing off against The Duke of New York while the president dangles from the prison wall in "Escape from New York."

The final car chase and showdown in "Death Proof."

Indiana Jones snatching the golden idol and escaping the temple.

Bruce Willis dodging bullets and running across shattered glass and then leaping off a building while tied to a fire hose in "Die Hard."

The Bride vs Elle Driver in "Kill Bill, Vol. 2."

furiousBall said...

The Abyss? I dunno. I thought the end scene of Blade Runner would have to be included too

SQT said...


Really? I love the tree scene.


I thought of both the Kill Bill scenes and the Die Hard ones. My picks definitely change day to day.


That scene in Blade Runner is great but The Abyss always hits me emotionally in a way that few other films do.

timpoirier said...

Ash, in the pit, fighting the demon and he catches the chainsaw on his "stump."

A couple great lines from Army of Darkness:

1: At the top of the pit, Ash says, "This is my BOOMstick."

2: Shop smart, shop S-Mart (I know, that's not an action line, but I like it)