Sunday, March 15, 2009


I have been so lax on my blog lately. Thank God for Harry and his awesome "Artist Corner" every Friday-- it helps to class up the place. I'm lucky in that I have a good reason for being too busy to blog. I've been doing reviews for The Sacramento Book Review. It's not a paying job (shucks) but it's cool to get my name in writing. It might lend me credibility someday. But I'm on a book reading schedule now and I have to be disciplined-- not something I'm good at-- and read newer releases and write very brief reviews (brevity is hard). It's a new world for me and I haven't even been very good about getting the reviews up here because I want to expand on them. But then I get distracted by the new book I have to read and I'm behind again. I'm working on getting organized. Lists and stuff. So... Anyway. While I work on getting my act together, I thought I put up some links (something else I have been terrible about doing). I'm hoping to dazzle you with all the free stuff. Let me know if it works. Chris Howard has a FREE download of his very well reviewed book Seaborn. Download it while you can. Graeme's Fantasy Review has Escape From Hell by Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven (U.S. entries only) and The Stone Dance of the Chameleon Trilogy by Ricardo Pinto (Everywhere). Fantasy Book Critic has This is Not a Game by Walter Jon Williams; Blood and Ice by Robert Masello; The Mystery of Grace by Charles de Lint; The Stone Dance of the Cameleon Trilogy by Ricardo Pinto; The Accord by Keith Brooke; and Amberville by Tim Davys. The Book Swede has a copy of The Siege of Krishnapur by J. G. Farrell (Open Everywhere). Grasping for the Wind has a copy of The Mad Scientist Hall of Fame, Muwahahahaha by Daniel Wilson for giveaway. Pat's Fantasy Hotlist has Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry; and The Steel Remains by Richard Morgan. SciFi Chick has Dresden Files; Welcome to the Jungle by Jim Butcher; Angel's Blood by Nalini Singh; and Darkhaven by Gail Z. Martin. That's all I have for now but I will update if I get any new links to add. **Quick note** Someone did email me with a giveaway and I can't find the email for anything. I have scoured my inbox and trash and cannot find it anywhere! If you sent it to me and still want me to link up here, let me know. I apologise for losing the original message.

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