Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Stephen King Says "Twilight" Author Can't Write

From OMG LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Stephen King's opinion may drive a stake through the heart of "Twilight" author, Stephenie Meyer. In an interview with USA Weekend, the bestselling author compared Meyer with J.K. Rowling , the author of the Harry Potter series. According to Stephen, "Both Rowling and Meyer, they're speaking directly to young people... The real difference is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can't write worth a darn. She's not very good." Meeooww! While Stephen may not be a fan of Stephenie's writing, he understands the appeal of the series. "People are attracted by the stories, by the pace and in the case of Stephenie Meyer, it's very clear that she's writing to a whole generation of girls and opening up kind of a safe joining of love and sex in those books. It's exciting and it's thrilling and it's not particularly threatening because it's not overtly sexual." He further explains, "A lot of the physical side of it is conveyed in things like the vampire will touch her forearm or run a hand over skin, and she just flushes all hot and cold. And for girls, that's a shorthand for all the feelings that they're not ready to deal with yet." I gotta say, Stephen King nailed it. I tried to read "Twilight" and basically couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about. Apparently King is of a similar opinion. I like King that much more now.


daydream said...

Oh that was one huge stab for Meyer. I mean after Number 4 didn't end on a positive note with fans, now King, who is like an instituation in writing declares she can't write. Ouch!

Rao said...

Ouch. I have to agree with Mr King. I read it. It was a good read but not a great book.

Asara Dragoness said...

I have my own reasons for not liking Twilight (haven't read the rest of the series, and I'm not sure if I ever will), but I have to give huge props to Stephen King for that one. Just... awesome.

SQT said...


I never even made it all the way through the first book--much less the fourth. Do you know she said she had never read any vampire fiction prior to writing this series? No wonder it's so bland.


I thought it was mildly entertaining at first but I quickly lost interest. Why are grown women reading this stuff? That's what I want to know.


I love King for saying that too. King will be remembered as a legend in the genre. Meyer will go down as a fad.

okibi-insanity said...

I started reading "Twilight" a month ago and I couldn't get past the first 3 chapters. I just couldn't get into the book. I have to agree with Mr. King on this one. I read interviews of Meyer and some spoilers about the book and I found out that her idea of vampires are fangless creatures that glitter under the sun. Ugh!


daydream said...

Wow, no wonder hard fans of the genre want to do bad things to her. At least I think so. Worst part is. The novel is gaining popularity in my country and people start asking me "Is teh novel translated? I sooo loved the movie." God.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It sounded a little catty of the author. Different tastes for different people.

SQT said...


If it was almost anyone other than King I might agree. But I think King has invested so much as a writer and creator in the horror genre that it offends his sensibilities when someone like Meyer gains huge notoriety for writing "vampire" fiction when it's really nothing of the sort.

I don't know if you've read the books, or have tried and couldn't finish-- like many of us-- but to people, like myself, who regularly read paranormal or horror fiction, Meyer's stuff seems so watered down. I'm glad someone of King's stature has the guts to say so.

There's nothing wrong with Meyer being categorized as a YA writer but trying to put her in the same class as writers like King, or even J.K. Rowling is an insult to those other writers. I can see why King might be a little miffed.

Charles Gramlich said...

I imagine he'll get some backlash for this. I haven't read the books so can't really venture an opinion.

SQT said...


Actually I doubt this would end up as a problem for King. He's such an institution, and well respected within the genre, that I doubt he'll be called out on it. I've noticed that most people who like horror fiction can't stand Meyer. I've noticed a lot of the adult sci-fi sites mocking her mercilessly. So I doubt anyone other than a bunch of teenage girls, and maybe a few of their mothers, are going to be too angry about this. Anyone who cares about literary credibility will side with King. I'm sure of it.

DesLily said...

i'm not into vampires so i didn't read this series.. this is the first i've read about many not liking the books!

I wonder exactly what King meant by "she's not very good".. what constitues a good writer? Is he talking sentence structure? Dotting i's and crossing t's? Or the story itself?.. and if it's the story itself, isn't the fact if it is good or not in the eyes of each beholder?
Is it really that he sincerly finds her a bad writer? Or that the story line isn't to his liking?

I've often wondered how some books manage to get published, but then I assume that, after spell checks and line construction , it's always a matter of taste. ? no? yes?

Brian said...

The first book was the only one I could manage, and it's not just that the story is bland - the writing really is poor.

I only got through it by reading the first sentence of each paragraph and the dialog - no joke.

timpoirier said...


I am sure it's more than him not liking the story. One can recognize the talents and skills of others without liking their work.

I've never read the series. I have no plan to read it. not because of King, but because A. It is targeted for teen girls and B. I have read far too many negative comments about it from non-reviewers.