Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thanks for the Feedback Y'all

Thanks for letting me kind of let it hang out on my last post. I got myself a little worked up yesterday because my husband was stressing out a bit and I'm afraid we can wind each other up if we put our heads together. In the light of day I always regret putting the personal stuff up, but at the same time, the support I got from all you was really reassuring. I think for the time being I will try to refrain from using obnoxious advertising unless I get really desperate. I may try to experiment with ads on my sidebars and see if anything generates some small income-- I'm not counting on much, but even a little bit would make me feel like a big shot. Now I need to get my head together so I can do something productive. Um, yeah.


Mulluane said...

I've tried the ads in the sidebar route, I think I have affiliate status with every book seller on the planet, I got nothing.

The reason I believe as to why sidebar ads don't work is most readers view your site through a feed reader thus only seeing links included in your post, rendering the sidebar ads worthless.

Now I just offer links for my readers convenience (within the post so they still work inside feeders) with no expectations.

I'm thinking though, especially with as popular as your blog is, you might look into selling banner ad space like the ones on like Pat's Fantasy Hotlist.

I've thought about it but my subscriber base is still pretty small, I may consider it later though if I continue to improve my stats.

SQT said...

I wondered about the banner ads but I have no clue on how to do it.

Jeez. This is all so perplexing.

DesLily said...

we all need to let things out if we don't we just get sicker...

the economy is going to change many people and yeah, now and then a good cry doesn't hurt to destress!

Cynnie said... never put anything too personal..its fine..
I'm gonna try the pay per post thing..
but I'm probably not going to be to their standards :(
I'm not good at rules

Mulluane said...

On Pat's site, on his sidebar, is atleast one ad that has a link to the service he uses, it is at the very bottom of the ad.

Heck, send him an email and ask, if there is one thing I've learned about the blogging community, it is that we all help each other.

Could ask on the forum too.

Meanwhile, I don't think anybody minds if you vent your personal frustrations. Heck I'd imagine most of us are in the same boat and understand completely!

Charles Gramlich said...

I know Lana and I can kind of do that as well, amp each other up or down. Glad you are feeling a bit better today.