Friday, January 16, 2009

BSG is on Tonight!!!

I cannot believe I almost forgot until Shaun (S.M.D) mentioned it. It's literally on in ten minutes (my time). I'm going to go do a happy dance now and then kick my husband off of the TV. Sorry hubs, but BSG is way more important than "Shatner's Raw Nerve."


Smirking Revenge said...

Yet another reason why I kinda heart you. So what did you think? I wrote my own little play by play post on the experience:


How could I not. Curious on your thoughts of it all. I think it is going to prove to be the best 10 episodes.

SQT said...

I must head over and check that out. I can't talk about here. Shaun promised dire consequences if anyone offered any spoilers before he had a chance to see it. (He doesn't have cable)