Friday, December 12, 2008

Review Site Meme

John from over at Grasping for the Wind has a review site meme going around and I meant to link to it days ago... Be sure to add to this list if you don't see yourself linked already. ~ From John's site. My list of fantasy and sf book reviewers is woefully out of date. I need your help to fix that. But rather than go through the hassle of having you send me recommendations or sticking them in comments, what you can do is take the following list and stick it on your website, then add yourself to the list, preferably in alphabetical order. That way, I will be able to track it across the web from back links, and can add each new blog to my roll as it comes along. So take this list, add it to your blog, and add a link to your blog on it. If you are already on the list, repost this meme at your blog so others can see it, and find new blogs from the links others put up on their blogs. Everybody wins! Be sure to send the list around to others as well. There is an easy to copy window of all the links and text at the bottom of this post to make it even simpler to do. I would be ever so grateful if you would help me out. The Accidental Bard A Dribble Of Ink Adventures in Reading The Agony Column The Antick Musings of G.B.H. Hornswoggler, Gent. Barbara Martin Bibliophile Stalker Bibliosnark Blood of the Muse Bookgeeks Bookslut Bookspotcentral The Book Swede Bookrastination Breeni Books Cheryl's Musings Critical Mass Dark Wolf Fantasy Reviews Darque Reviews Dave Brendon's Fantasy and Sci-Fi Weblog The Deckled Edge Dragons, Heroes and Wizards Dusk Before the Dawn Enter the Octopus Eve's Alexandria Fantasy Book Critic Fantasy Cafe Fantasy Debut Fantasy Book Reviews and News Fantasy and Sci-fi Lovin' Blog The Fix The Foghorn Review From a Sci-Fi Standpoint The Galaxy Express Galleycat Graeme's Fantasy Book Review Grasping for the Wind The Green Man Review Highlander's Book Reviews io9 Jumpdrives and Cantrips Literary Escapism Michele Lee's Book Love Monster Librarian Mostly Harmless Books My Favourite Books Neth Space NextRead OF Blog of the Fallen The Old Bat's Belfry Outside of a Dog Pat's Fantasy Hotlist Piaw's Blog Post-Weird Thoughts Publisher's Weekly Reading the Leaves Realms of Speculative Fiction Rob's Blog o' Stuff ScifiChick SF Diplomat SciFiGuy Sci-Fi Songs [Musical Reviews] Severian's Fantastic Worlds SF Gospel SF SF Revu SF Signal SF Site SFF World's Book Reviews Silver Reviews Speculative Fiction Junkie Speculative Horizons Sporadic Book Reviews The Sword Review Tangent Online Temple Library Reviews [also a publisher] The Road Not Taken Un:Bound Urban Fantasy Land Vast and Cool and Unsympathetic Variety SF Walker of Worlds Wands and Worlds The Wertzone WJ Fantasy Reviews The World in a Satin Bag WriteBlack

Foreign Language (other than English) Cititor SF [Romanian, but with English Translation] [French


Charles Gramlich said...

Didn't know there were so many review sites. I'm going to have to check some of these out. Maybe I should try to get someone to review the Talera novels.

SQT said...


I'm sure a lot of them would be more than happy to. I have the first one and I really should read it. I get so buried in the books I have to read that I forget about the ones I want to read.