Thursday, December 18, 2008


I am so behind on my links. There is so much great stuff out there. Not just giveaways, but podcasts, trailers, short stories and excerpts from books due to be released next year. I have been wanting to link to the 6-Shooter Film Series for awhile now. Magnet Releasing, the arm of Magnolia Pictures that releases genre films, has a new series of movies coming out that have unique paranormal twists. The first film that's going to be released is Let the Right One in, which is based on the book "Let Me In" by John Ajvide Lindqvist and was reviewed on my book review blog here. Other titles include Special (starring Michael Rappaport), Timecrimes, "Big Man Japan," "Donkey Punch," and Eden Log." The whole series of films look really unique and amazing. Justin Gustanis, author of the exceptionally well received book Black Magic Woman has a sequel coming out at the end of the month called Evil Ways and you can read a full chapter of the new book HERE, courtesy of Fantasy Book Spot. There is also a new fan-site out there for all you sci-fi lovers, only this one has a unique twist. Planet Origo has a lot of great movie reviews and sci-fi news, but they also have an extensive music section. I am so not in the know when it comes to new and cutting edge music so this is a fun site if that happens to be your particular interest. has a short story by Brandon Sanderson up on their site titled "Firstborn." This is the first full on sci-fi story published by Sanderson, who is a well known up-and-coming fantasy author. I am a huge fan of Sanderson and if you haven't checked him out already, you might want to read this short story and see what you've been missing. I'm way late in getting this giveaway up, but MentatJack has a signed ARC of "Spell Games" by T.A. Pratt for giveaway. You have to get your entry in by tomorrow, so hurry on over and enter. Nerds Do it Better has a fun list of video games your girlfriend will like. Good luck with that. Lady Vampire's Lair has a great Christmas Contest going on. I'm not going to list all the prizes here... You're going to have to head over and check out the list for yourself-- and enter! Marie Brennan has a podcast up of her short story "Swan Tower." Sci-fi Signal has a list of The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Art by Artists You've Never Heard Of. I'm also scheduled to be a part of Sci-Fi Signals Mind Meld featuring our favorites of 2008. Be sure to be on the lookout for that. (As if I wouldn't let you know...) CIO interviews Larry Niven, Robert J. Sawyer, Nancy Kress, and Charles Stross. Hope you enjoy the links. I'll be sure to add updates and let you know if any more interesting stuff comes my way.

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