Thursday, August 14, 2008

Okay, I'm a flake. Will letting you know about P-Dub's new contest earn your forgiveness?

I am so deep into the Olympics that I am totally neglecting everything. I promised to announce a winner for a book giveaway on my book review blog Wednesday, but didn't get it up until after midnight on Thursday. I haven't been visiting my regular blogs.... I don't write... I don't call..... But, it only happens every 2 years (if we count both Winter and Summer Olympics), so I get a free pass. Right? Um, don't I? In a desperate bid to win your acceptance I am going to try to bribe you with the information that P'Dub is giving away two $500 gift certificates to Home Depot. But you gotta enter by THURSDAY NOON PACIFIC TIME. So get on it people! Can I talk Olympics now or is it getting obnoxious? Tell you what, I'll wait to see what the general opinion is on my current obsession before I go on. Though I wouldn't mind discussion some of the current Olympic controversies..... Underage athletes; the Chinese "machine" that pulls children from their homes as early as age 3 to be groomed to compete for their country; Mark Spitz not being invited to the games to watch Phelps break his record... What do you all think? Am I driving you crazy yet?


furiousBall said...

i think it would be cool if they revealed that the real voice behind that child singing in the opening ceremony was actually Mark Spitz

Di Francis said...

The underage thing worries me. So much pressure on the children. But the culture is so different from ours and I know that the families benefit so much and the children really seem to want it . . . course that could be brainwashing . . . I just don't know. I have to say I was disappointed in the lip syncing thing--the notion of perfection being so important.

I didn't know about the Mark Spitz thing.

I'm too late for the contest. Sigh. Oh, just got a very few ARCs for The Black Ship. Was wondering if you wanted one. And maybe I'd send you a couple of giveaway books too. Whaddya think?

Steve Malley said...

I was devastated to find that the last judo medals went last night-- something like 3am our time.

We got not one match. But doubles ping-pong, oh we got that...

SQT said...


At this point I'm sure Mark would like to be included in any way he could.


Are you kidding me? I'm breathlessly awaiting The Black Ship. I may be at a different address than before, so I'll have to send that over to you.


Well, I guess ping pong is better than nothing. That brings up another point though. They've decided to drop women's softball from the Olympics-- and I think baseball too! At least that's what I've read. But we're keeping ping pong and badminton?

Fab said...

Phelps has been amazing! 8 gold medals... at that age!

Muzzer said...

fair enough, olympics are everywhere at the mo, enjoy it! Blog about it, its awesome. :-)