Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Quick Note

I HAD to link to THIS ARTICLE at i09 about NBC picking up "Knight Rider" for it's 2008-2009 season. No, this isn't an April Fool's joke. Unfortunately. Also, check out my book review blog if you like short stories. I'm giving away one set of 3 books of short stories... Keep reading to the next post if you like musclebound women. You might want to skip the last picture though; it's a bit scary.


Stewart Sternberg said...

See, this is just unpleasant.

I think I need to write an essay about seventies television. Each decade has its own unique features, the times imprints upon popular culture things elements of that time.

The fifties...ah..Leave It To Beaver, December Bride, Love That Bob, The Dobie Gillis Show.

The Sixties... (the cold war made cool, the time of relevance and annoying integrity) Man From UNCLE, Star Trek, Name of the Game, Gunsmoke

The Seventies... (shallow, self-obssessed..hip...immediate gratification) A-Team, Charlies Angels, Rhoda, Mary Tyler Moore Show, Happy Days, Love Boat

Now? Reality Shows. God save us. Reality Shows and dramas that play out over the course of a season rather than following neatly tied episodes.

So Knight Rider? I wonder what this portends as we wrap up the 00'
s. Will we consider this a time where people sought foolish release through the non-thinking entertainment of reality shows as a way of dealing with a war that cannot be won (a war which rightly shouldn't have been entered into and which shouldn't even be qualified as a war). How will we look to popular culture to see where it mirrors concerns of global warming, globalism, and a changes in American culture.

Just thinking out loud...and certainly this is more thought than this absurd television show merits.

SQT said...


I think "Knight Rider" is a reflection of the current trend of remaking 70's-80's TV series'. BSG showed that it could be done well, but virtually everything that's come after is a pale imitation. Bionic Woman- meh, Knight Rider-horrible.

The trend actually seems to have started in the movie theatre. Starsky and Hutch (why God why?) Dukes of Hazzard (Ditto) Charlies Angels (my eyes bleed just thinking about it). When will the madness end?