Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm Totally Copying This Post Because It's Awesome

I was going to write a post about how much I love BSG and how great I think this final (Waaaaah!) season has been so far. I watched it on Friday and thought it was seriously intense-- though I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it.

Anyway, I clicked on my link to i09 and they had an interview with the characters who were revealed last season to have been four of the final five cylons.

I so can't compete with that.

So I'm going to post part of the interview ere and link you to the rest of it because if you're a fan of BSG, you'll love it. ((Spoiler warning))

Battlestar Galactica's Secret Cylons Tell AllWhy does Anders stay with Starbuck, when she treats him like crap? Will Col. Tigh still have his eyepatch for the rest of the season? What's up with Tory's sexuality? Michael Trucco (Anders), Rekha Sharma (Tory), and Michael Hogan (Tigh) answered these, and several other questions yesterday at New York Comic-Con. Plus we saw a new trailer that included some important scenes from upcoming episodes.

Before the questioning even began, Sci Fi screened a quickie trailer spliced together with scenes from episodes to come. It's hard to say what's fact and what is fiction with all the character dream sequences that have happened so far in BSG, but this is what I put together from mere half seconds of footage.

Adama Knows — Or Does He?
Adama figures out who the four cylons are aboard his ship. I based this on a quickie moment where you see Adama drinking next to Chief Tyrol and Adama leans over and sneers, "I guess they can't take being married to a cylon." Plus there seems to be a huge Tigh and Adama fist fight in the works from a quickly cut scene where the two were throwing down.

Chief Loses Faith And Some Hair
Granted, the Chief never had that much religion to begin with, besides stating that he was son of a prophet and figuring out the Eye of Jupiter. But a bald chief takes a run at a cylon screaming something about their one true god.

Starbuck Loses The Little Sanity She Has Left
Starbuck opens a notebook and looks on in shock as the number '6' has been written over and over again.

Bump In The Road To Earth
Starbuck's command is being challenged and it's down to the wire problems take over her Mission: Find Earth trip. I based this on a lot Starbucks crew members yelling at her and then eventually Helo (on the communicator) that they only had a little time left. Yeah this one's a little predictable it's not like they were just going to find Earth in the next episode, or do they?

Important Questions Answered, Or No Commented

Q: What was your initial reaction when you heard you were going to be a cylon?

Michael Hogan: For me it was disbelief. As Hogan it was disbelief. I thought that's kitschy that's cheap. Of everybody who's ever been on Battlestar Galactica, Col. Tigh was second to last of who should be a cylon. And so I thought of course it's obvious that will be the surprise. So I didn't believe it, I didn't like it. I had actually said numerous times once we were shooting Battlestar Galactica, am I ever glad that I'm not playing a cylon. But over the four years that we've been doing this. The powers that be have never steered me wrong, I may have disagreed with them, and sometimes they go along with me. But when they've stuck to their guns, I mean wow look what they put Tigh through so I got to stick with them

Rekha Sharma: I was so excited. I started squealing in my room. I came out and told my friends what I just read. And then I proceed to behave really calmly because it was an early draft, things could change, don't get too excited you could get knock off early... [fake yells] But I'm going to be a cylon. I'm still here so we'll see how that goes.

Michael Trucco: My first reaction was, so I guess I'm coming back. I was only supposed to be around for two episodes. Somehow I hood winked them into keeping me around for about 20 more. It was great it, it was obviously a bit of a surprise for all of us. I got teased and you largely think that they are bullshitting you because there are so many rumors and lies. I kept thinking there is no way in hell that they would pick me as a cylon. When I found out I read ahead, the first thing I did was call Ron and David and tried to figure out what were the implications for our character. How does this reconcile the last two and a half years, suddenly we have this new found identity. So we worked it out and I think it worked out pretty good.

How did you work with "All Along The Watchtower?"

Michael Hogan: I had Bob Dylan's version and Hendrix's version in my trailer. I of course was alive when that first came out. These fools weren't, it was just too much to have them in my trailer it cranked it to the max and Hendrix is just wailing away. And Rekha, 'going oh my god.' So I thought, "Welcome aboard."

Do the actors treat you differently now that you're cylons?

Michael Hogan: That's all backstage. They treat us with great respect.

Michael Trucco: They were jealous.

Did you get any backstory for Tory? Does she always cry during sex?

Rekha Sharma: They did not create a backstory for Tory besides her job. I spoke to Ron Moore at a party. He said he would love to know what my thoughts were. I got to be part of a collaborative experience of creating my characters backstory so that's really fun and really exciting.

Michael Trucco: Who did the crying during sex part?

Rekha Sharma: Michael Angeli is responsible for that. Apparently there is some person he knew through someone, this is a true story apparently. So he wanted me to carry that torch.

Michael Trucco: You didn't cry when you were with Anders?

Rekha Sharma: Hell no... my personal choice was to make that a lie because I wasn't happy to be in bed with the guy who ruined my life on New Caprica.

Click HERE to read the rest of the interview.


Charles Gramlich said...

I really liked the opening episodes to this series but I quickly missed a few episodes and got completely lost. I don't watch it anymore because I don't know what is going on, even though I appreciate the acting and the style.

SQT said...

That surprises me because I assume anyone who has watched it must be as addicted as I am.