Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hmmm, Should I Buy a New Living Room Set or a Cylon?

...I mean, who needs a flat-screen TV? I could put this 7-foot Cylon in my living room and call it art... From Geek Alerts... The Life-size Cylon figure, as seen in the reimagined Sci-Fi series ‘Battlestar Galactica’, is manufactured exclusively by Fred Barton Productions, Inc. of Los Angeles, California, and licensed through Universal Studios. Each Cylon is hand-made using only the finest materials and overseen by the ‘Robot Man’ himself, Fred Barton. This outstanding 7-foot replica features both the haunting visor lights of the robotic soldier synchronized to the menacing, eerie hum of the Cylon Centurion. It is sure to impress not only fellow fans of the epic ‘Battlestar Galactica’saga, but those who are just encountering the stunning Cylon robot for the first time. Features: 100% fiberglass body CGI based Hammered Duo-Tone Finish Advanced Electronics Synchronized Stereo Red LED light effects in visor The Cylon Life-Size Figure ($7,900) is available from Sideshow Collectibles


DesLily said...

without a doubt someone will by it! lol

furiousBall said...

$8 grand! that should come with a bumper sticker that says "Screw the Homeless"

Fab said...

That's a bargain - I know just the spot to put that.

SQT said...


You know someone out there wants this. Bad.


The $8000 is kind of the sticking point for me too.


Yeah. Instead of the suit of armor, go for the Cylon.

Charles Gramlich said...

Cool, but unless it says "By your command" and does what I want it to do I'm not paying that much for it.

Kate S said...

LOL. I think you should go for it. Who needs food, water, electricity and a roof over their heads when they can have a Cylon?