Friday, February 01, 2008

Quick Note

This is one of those moments when I am so tempted to keep this to myself. But at the same time I love to pass on good little tidbits of info. I told you that Pat over at Pat's Fantasy Hotlist was going to have some good contests and I was right. He put up a giveaway for Joe Abercrombie's "Last Argument of Kings". I looooooved "The Blade Itself" and I am eager to read "Before They are Hanged" so you'll have to trust me that this giveaway is hard to share. Though I doubt it's much of a secret to begin with.... *Update Graeme over at Graeme's Fantasy Book Review also has a copy of "Dark Wraith of Shannara up for grabs. I know there are tons of Terry Brooks fans lurking about, so head on over and enter! Sorry about the bland posts lately. I have some ideas swimming around in my noggin, so I'll try to get something interesting up soon.


Graeme Flory said...

Thanks for the link! :o)

Asara Dragoness said...

Thanks for the info, SQT, I won Graeme's giveaway! :D yaaaaaaaaaay!!

SQT said...

I'm so happy Asara!