Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Guest Review: Rogue Angel: Teller of Tales

Last week I put up a post about the new Rogue Angel graphic novel, "Teller of Tales" to see if anyone wanted to take a look at some PDF files I got as a preview. Fortunately (for me-- since I know little about graphic novels) Arrakis was interested in taking a look.

Here's what he had to say:

First of all, the cover. Rebecca Wrigley presents a very good cover with a different style from those of the novels that tend to more simple and elegant. Of course, Wrigley's style is more appropriate for a graphic novel. Renae de Liz does a good job by giving the series her unique style. But what is really the strong point is the story itself. Barbara Kesel presents an excellent plot that involves Mark Twain and a conspiracy. The first 22 pages achieves the goal of capture the reader's attention, making the story line the very soul of this project.

Oh, I noticed something interesting about the cover. It's about the cowboy in the right side. Check the image. Is that a coincidence?

Oooooh, nice catch on the Wyatt Earp picture. I would never have noticed that. ~SQT


Charles Gramlich said...

That was a good catch on the cowboy picture. I think that's a pic of Keven Costner, and I wonder if they got permission for it.

SQT said...

I know! I worked in Hollywood for a little bit and we couldn't do anything that didn't pass the legal department. I wonder if they just tried to squeak this one in.