Monday, October 15, 2007

World of Warcraft vs. I Am Legend

Asara did a very cool thing for me. She did a video comparison of World of Warcraft and the I Am Legend Survival game. Thank goodness there are other people who know how to do this stuff.


Asara said...

To be fair, the graphics may improve once you get into the city areas, I couldn't get past the clunky movement (look at me, I was WADDLING), and the seeming awkwardness of the inventory. But I've been playing Warcraft for a year and a half, and I'm pretty spoiled on it.

I think the basic difference here is that Warcraft was made to be a combat game, and I Am Legend was added on to something that already exists as an online community, so they had to work with what they already had available. If this were made as a stand-alone game, I probably would have had an easier time of it.

S.M.D. said...

What surprises me is that the people who made the SL game didn't go through the process of making appropriate edits to the coding to make the gameplay and the landscapes look significantly better, nor did they seem to take the time to improve the interface. The problem with SL as a combat game, as you can see, is that it does not play like other games. WoW is designed as an actual game with a limited amount of things available to it. SL is designed without limitations--aside from graphics, which presumably would improve over time. So, that surprises me that they wouldn't have put the effort into making the gameplay simplistic. I never expected graphics to be superb, but I did expect them to look a lot better than in that video, especially since the trailer video showed some decent enough graphics.

Very surprising and sad. The project will flop because most of us won't waste the 10 minutes of waddling and clunky gameplay to get into a game. I had some high hopes for it because it is set in SL, but clearly SL is not ready for true gaming yet.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

WOW is probably a better one, as one has to pay an astronomical amount to see it.

Stewart Sternberg said...

You really can't compare WOW. WOW has been around for quite a while and is frequently being upgraded. It is also a tried and true fantasy game from a company (Blizzard) that has been around and doing this sort of thing well for quite some time. Second Life is a strange online community that is still trying to find direction. I think they are seizing this as an opportunity to find a profitable wedge.

I suspect this will get better, especially if people start registering and playing on a regular basis.

Asara said...

I know it's not really a fair comparison, as I mentioned.. the thing is, I think this game could have had a much better response had it been given to a company like Blizzard that has the proven history to be able to pull off something like this well.

This just looks like a rushed, slapdash attempt to hit the gaming audience up for movie viewership.. and to me, it's a pretty epic failure. People are going to expect flashy graphics and excellent CGI, because that's what they're expecting from the movie. I was seriously disappointed when I spent 20 minutes customizing my character, and then someone else waddled by, and the amount of detail on their character was very small. Whether this was a lag issue, and they just didn't spend enough time close to my character for the full detail to materialize, or a graphics issue, I was still asking myself.. why did I just spend that 20 minutes fixing my character up when nobody is going to be able to tell?

The way I look at it, is that WoW is what this game COULD be, if given the proper budget, and gaming developers that have experience with this sort of environment. I just think they would have been better off to take the time necessary to have a dedicated PC game built, for release around the same time as the movie.. the FPS potential is definitely there.