Sunday, September 23, 2007

Let the Season Begin....

I do this every year. I look at the pilots scheduled to air and think wow, they've got lots of sci-fi/fantasy stuff this year. Obviously I am not the only one who likes this stuff. So here is a quick list of what the television networks have in store for us this year. Oh, and no YouTube on this post. It slows the loading of my blog waaaay down. I'll just link to the main page of the shows and any YouTube videos of interest. Chuck leads us off with it's premier tomorrow night. Chuck isn't really sci-fi/fantasy but I include it because it's kind of a comedic version of Bond. I've already come to love Burn Notice, so Chuck ought to fit right in. YouTube teaser clips can be found HERE. Journeyman also premiers tomorrow night. I haven't heard as much about this show. All I know is that it's about a reporter who suddenly finds himself traveling through time and able to change peoples lives. The cynic in me (and my journalism degree) scoffs at the idea of a journalist actually helping someone, but hey, this is Hollywood. Reaper starts on Tuesday and if any show can bring the CW out of obscurity this is probably it. The basic idea is kind of a lighter version of Brimstone, in which someone, whose soul belongs to the Devil, hunts down renegade souls and sends them back to Hell. Only this time the bounty hunter is a twenty-something slacker. Despite my love/hate feelings for Kevin Smith, this show looks very funny. Bionic Woman premiers Wednesday. This is produced by David Eick of BSG and is supposed to be a darker, grittier version of the original. Added bonus-- it looks like Starbuck shows up as a fembot. Additional YouTube teaser clips available HERE. Moonlight, our token vampire show of the season, premiers Friday. I will have to hold off commenting on this one until I've seen it. I'm not sure I can handle any more vampire-with-a-good-heart-but-struggles-with-his-true-nature television. Pushing Daisies premiers on Wednesday October 3rd. This is one of the shows I have been looking forward to the most, though I have no idea why. Ned, the main character, can bring the dead back to life, though if he touches them again they'll be dead permanently. He uses his gift to bring back murder victims and find out the mysteries of their deaths. Kind of like CSI-the easy way. So, do any of these look good to you?


Avery DeBow said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with the Bionic Woman. I just saw the trailer for Reaper last night. I didn't even know it existed. Same with the vampire show. It's the first I've heard of it. I'm with you on another vampire show; not sure they can pull off anything worth watching. Isn't a show debuting on Friday the kiss of death, anyway?

The Curmudgeon said...

Chuck actually looks like it might be worth watching.

Last night during the football game they ran a promo: Save the Geek; Save the World.

Hey, it worked for Heroes, didn't it?

Jhianna said...

I've got all of these on my TiVo as season passes, but I'm betting at least half get my kill after a few episodes. Or more likely, the shows will pile up until we're getting space warnings and then I'll kill the ones I haven't bothered to keep up with.

SQT said...


Fridays are tough aren't they? I can't think of many shows that survive that time slot.


And you remembered it...


You sound just like me. I still have stuff from last season I'm going to have to dump since I've never gotten around to it. I seriously doubt I'll be able to watch all the new shows.

Matt said...

Ok, 3 minutes to Chuck. Please be good.

SQT said...

I just watched Chuck and liked it a lot.

DesLily said...

I am soooooooooooo ready to get rid of reruns!!!

Matt said...

Yay! I liked Chuck too.

Robert said...

Watched both Chuch and Heroes last night ;) Chuck definitely has the potential to be one of the season's best and Heroes was entertaining as usual :D

Fab said...

Looks good. Just sorry that I can't get that channel in Europe. Pushing Daisies is one I hadn't heard of till now.

Carl V. said...

I happened to catch an On Demand showing of Bionic woman and I really enjoyed it. It looks like a show that could easily wear out its welcome if they take it in the wrong direction, but the first episode showed potential.

I really enjoyed Journeyman last night, terrific first episode.

I too am looking forward to Pushing Daisies.

S.M.D. said...

Hmm, well shows I won't watch except to ridicule:
Chuck and Bionic Woman.
The first because all the stuff I've seen about it must make it look like yet another stupid plot about super geeks who end up doing cool nifty stuff that would never happen in any geeks real life anyway.
Bionic Woman because...umm it's been done before. Why doesn't Hollywood come up with some more original ideas? Remaking crap over and over is getting irritating. Now it seems like we're doing it with TV too.

Shows I would give a shot:
Journeyman and Pushing Daisies.
The first because, umm, I don't know. It just looked somewhat entertaining.
The latter because it has a cute concept to it and it seems like an interesting story and something I've not heard of yet. It's sort of taking all those other shows about people talking to dead people and adding a lovely twist to it.

Shows I won't watch for no valid reason:
I don't have a reason not to watch, just as I don't have a reason to watch it.

Show that could have been good if it were on a different network:
I'm a Kevin Smith fan, but it looks like whatever network grabbed that one and funded it is going to kill it. It'll probably flop. CW got that right? CW needs to just go away I think...but that's me...weren't they like the WB or something before?

Those are my opinions. Don't forget that new Heroes show, the one that will probably suck more than Heroes did! :P. Sorry, I liked heroes for the first few episodes, then they pulled an X-men and did the whole political thing. And there were too many characters to keep track of. The only one I ended up caring about what the Japanese kid who goes around through time. Only because anyone that screams "I did it" in Japanese after making a clock go the opposite way is awesome. But I'm a simpleton :P.

Anywho :)

Nuvein Foundation said...

Caught Bionic Woman last night. I still need to warmup to it. But did anyone catch the reference to $50 million worth of hardware in her?

In the 70's, it was only $6 million to make a bionic (man). Over a 30 yr period, that's an interest rate of 7.35% compounded annually.

SQT said...

I was actually pleasantly surprised by Bionic Woman. I didn't expect to like Michelle Ryan, but I thought she did really well.

I do remember the $50 million part. But the technology is quite a bit more advanced too. I'd like to have that quick healing blood myself.

SolShine7 said...

Chuck is the only one of interest to me. It's pretty good so far.