Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Book Review and Freebies

Check out my book review blog for details on how to win a copy of "Ragamuffin." Also, win a copy of "The Electric Church" and/or George R.R. Martin's "Dreamsongs" at Pat's Fantasy Hotlist, scroll down the whole page to catch all the giveaways. And if you're feeling really lucky, go to Fantasy Book Critic and win an Orbit books prize pack. AND Sarah Monette's "The Doctrine of Labyrinth" series ANNNNNNND! he just added the whole Naomi Novik "Termeraire" series too! He also has "The Book of Joby," "The High King's Tomb" and "Seeing Red" up for grabs. The Book Swede has several copies of "The Inferior" to give away as well. My good friend Remy over at The Fantasy Review has Karen Miller's duology "Kingmaker, Kingbreaker" to give away too! Now, who's looking out for you?


S.M.D. said...

No! Nobody sign up for those! I want to win! haha.

Just kidding of course. I've actually won a book from Pat. Signed copy of Elysium Commission. Twas a darn good read actually. He's a good fellow.

Everyone sign up to win Ragamuffin :)

Robert said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the linkage :D

SQT said...

You are most welcome Robert.