Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Anyone Up For a Review?

I've been expecting some books for the last week or so, but they've been slow in coming. I did finally get a couple this morning and I'm looking for some help with the reviews.

First I have Worlds Apart. It's an anthology of Russian fantasy and sci-fi.


Slaves of Shinar by Justin Allen. This one seems to be getting pretty good reviews at Amazon so it's probably an enjoyable read.

If anyone is interested in these leave a comment or email me and I'll send them off to anyone who wouldn't mind saying a few words about them for me on the book review blog.

I do expect to get some more titles soon and I'm sure I'll be needing some more help-- so keep an eye out.


Carl V. said...

If no one else wants it that it is more convenient for you to give it to, I'll try Worlds Apart.

SQT said...

Great Carl. Email me with your address and I'll send it off.

S.M.D. said...

that's really weird. I posted a comment on this one and it just disappeared...Posted it like 2 hours ago :S.
Weird. Oh well, Carl beat me to the one I was begging you for anyway :P.

Let us all know how it is Carl. It's Russian!

S.M.D. said...

Wait...ignore that post. I'm so lost :S. I get back on the Internet offically and you double post SQT! You've got me all confusled!

Well if you have the other one I'd be glad to read it, unless you were hoping to give it to someone else. I have about 100 pages left of Leven Thumps. It's darn good, but it's a sequel so I'll have a bit to say about it!

Anywho, umm, email me before sending anything to me! I've moved, so I have a different address. I have a book sitting at the old house from ScifiChick that I won't even get to pick up for two weeks :(.


SQT said...

Shaun, I posted this on both my book review and main page. I didn't mean to confuse, I just wanted to make sure everyone had a chance at the books. I'll email you and get your address for the other book.

Robert said...

Has anyone called dibs on "Slaves of the Shinar"? I've been wanting to review it forever and I never got my copy from Overlook...

Just wondering :D