Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Just the Idea of This Scares the Bejeesus Out of Me

Abrams Wooing Cruise For Trek XI? IGN Movies reported that J.J. Abrams, who is directing the next Star Trek film, would like to bring on his Mission: Impossible III star Tom Cruise for a cameo appearance as Capt. Christopher Pike, according to a "trusted source." Pike was the first captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise and Spock's (Leonard Nimoy) commanding officer prior to Capt. Kirk (William Shatner), which would fit with the reported flashback storyline in the upcoming film. The character was played by Jeffrey Hunter in the original 1966 Star Trek TV pilot, "The Cage," which was later edited into the two-part episode, "The Menagerie." There have been previous reports of Cruise's involvement in the project, which were denied by his spokesman, Arnold Robinson, last fall. At the time, it was thought that Cruise's public falling-out with Paramount head Sumner Redstone, who controls the rights to the Trek franchise, would prevent him from working with the studio again in the near future. But tensions between the two have cooled off lately, and, according to IGN's source, the cameo role would be seen as a favor to Abrams and not to Paramount.


crunchycarpets said...

Even my Cruise hating dh thought that this was a rather nifty idea.

SQT said...

Hmmmmm, that's interesting Crunchy.

I think my problem with it is that I would see Tom Cruise and not the character. He's become too weird recently.

The Curmudgeon said...

As long as there's no couch in the Captain's quarters for him to jump on there should be no problem, right?

And Kirk's quarters on TOS were too small for a couch....

Izabael said...

thank god they said "cameo" For a second I thought he might get a full-fledged roll....then I would have to spend the afternoon dry heaving.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

How horrifying. There are enough aliens in Star Trek without adding one more.

Morgen said...

please gods, say it ain't so!

reagu said...

It wouldn't be too bad if it's just a small part. Might actually be a good enough novelty.

Kate S said...


joen05 said...

I would hate to see that. I've been missing star trek recently too. Looking forward to the new movie but now... if this is gonna happen I dunno. I'm liking what I'm reading here, feel free to stop by my blog as well! I will link you up if that's ok.


DesLily said...

oh pahleeze.. I just ate!

SQT said...


No couches please!


I feel the urge too. Thanks for stopping by.


He isn't human anymore is he?


I'm still holding out hope that it's a rumor.


The smaller the better I think.


I hear ya.


Link away. Thanks for stopping by.


Eating before hearing any Tom Crusie news these days is dangerous.

Fab said...

If that's serious: are they out of their minds?
If it's a joke: haha good one, got me scared for a minute there but good one!

avery said...

Too bad the early episodes made no mention of the Borg. He'd be a great one.

SQT said...


I love that idea. It would be fun to watch him try to tone down his normal high-intensity acting to be a robotic Borg. He'd be the most intense Borg ever.

ShadowFalcon said...


i read this somewhere and pray its not true

SQT said...

Fab and Shadowfalcon

There is still hope that this is a vicious rumor.

Carl V. said...

Said in my best Kirk "Khaaaaannnn!!!" imitation: "Nooooooooo!!!!!!"