Saturday, August 25, 2007

First Guest Review

S.M.D. is my first guest reviewer on my new blog, Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin' Book Reviews. Cruise on over and see what he has to say about Spin State by Chris Moriarty. I'm still waiting on some ARC's to start arriving, but I'll let you all know when I have books for review up for grabs. I'm currently reading Crystal Rain by Tobias Buckell, who sent me a review copy of the book. I was thinking that, since I got it for free, I would pay it forward and send it on when I'm done to someone who'd like to read and review it on their blog. It's a good read for sci-fi fans so keep it in mind. I'll probably have the review up in a couple of days.... If anyone has a favorite book they'd like recommend or any thoughts on any new books out there and you'd like to feature it on the review blog, let me know.


sfgirl said...

Hey! How about my book? :D Anyway, I tagged you. Check out my Saturday post on The Alien Next Door... :)

SQT said...

Oooooh Nina, I just looked on Amazon and saw that your book is due out in November.

(Everyone, go to Amazon and check out the description forDarwin's Paradox")

Of course, I'd love to review it on the blog.

I saw your tag, it looks fun-- so I'll get this one (I promise) rather than drag my feet like I did on the last one (that I haven't done...*hangs head*)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I'll head on over.

My Reflecting Pool said...

I wish I had one. Oh, how about Christopner Moore's book Fluke. Very sci-fi and comedy. Enjoyed every moment of it. I'm reading the politically incorrect guide to the constitution right now. Not very sci-fi. But good, informative, historically that is.

SQT said...

Reflecting Pool

I think Christopher Moore is hilarious. I haven't read Fluke though.. I have Lamb sitting on the shelf and I need to finish it.

I need to put up a post where I ask people what their favorite books are and see if anyone wants to do posts about that. I think that would be fun.