Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Babylon 5: The Lost Tales

This is for the fans of "Babylon 5". According to William Jones, editor of "Dark Wisdom", a new series of "Babylon Five" DVD's are scheduled to be released this July. According to the Elder Signs Press website: The first, which premieres in July 2007, is titled VOICES IN THE DARK, and will contain two 40-45 minute Babylon 5 short films, one of which is based upon Straczynski’s gripping and powerful short story from "Dark Wisdom". For more information though check out J. Michael Straczynski's website. I would love to post some pictures from the upcoming production, but since there is a notice on the website firmly requesting that none of the photos posted there be posted elsewhere, you'll just have to follow the link. Here though is a posting from the Babylon 5 newsgroup which is reproduced on the website: January 12, 2007 (Dispatched via the Babylon 5 Scripts Mailing list)

For those who signed up for the mailing, a bit of an inside update on where things stand on Babylon 5: The Lost Tales (whose production was hailed just this week in the new TV Guide under the "Cheers and Jeers" column) (and yes, we got the "cheer" part of that, wiseass)...I'll be flying back up to Vancouver toward the end of the month to supervise the dialogue looping and to start reviewing the finished CGI shots being created by Atmosphere. We've also designed a brand new title sequence for Babylon 5, which incorporates all of the major characters, and emphasizes the interconnectedness of the characters seen over the show. There will also be a separate set-piece placed just before the main title sequence that will tie back visually to our series finale, "Sleeping in Light," in kind of a tribute to the end of that volume and the starting of this one.

We're also finishing up the director's blogs and behind-the-scenes pieces, which will show Bruce, Tracy, Peter and our new cast members, with the former group commenting on both the future of B5 and their own memories and reflections on Babylon 5. There will also be meditations and tributes to the passing of Richard Biggs and Andreas Katsulas from their fellow cast members. The director's blogs will follow production from script through prep and shooting...though in some cases with a bit of an unusual approach. (I can never do anything serious with a straight face.) You see, there was something innovative and new and unusual and artsy that I wanted to do with this movie, but did the studio get the majesty, the novelty, the innovativeness of that idea? No, no, of COURSE not. But by gosh you'll get a preview of it here...and the world of SF will never be the same.

Now if we can only get Josh Whedon to follow Straczynski's lead and distribute new episodes of Firefly.


SQT said...

How is it no one has commented on this? I mean, you mentioned Joss Whedon and everything?!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

I liked B5 but I never followed it that closely. I'm not sure why. I'll see these though.

Hey there, Skippy said...
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Stewart Sternberg said...

I don't know what to say SQT. I think this is rather cool news. It's pretty major science fiction information. B5 was a unique show. It started off slow, but by season three, the plot arc were all coming together and the developing storylines were compelling. The climax in the season before the last one was standing O good.

Crunchy Carpets said...

you are right Stewart...we didn't get into it till Season 2 and 3 and then we were hooked....we will watch these dvd's for sure...

Mind you....Maybe because even better sci fi came along after...Farscape.....I find it hard to watch the shows now.

Alex said...

Sorry, guys. I didn't comment because I learned about this about a year ago.

Nonetheless, as the date draws nearer, I am rather excited, I must admit. The final episode of Babylon 5 may have been cheesy/corny/borderline histrionic, but I still rate it up there near the final episodes of Farscape and Rurouni Kenshin.

And this is saying alot, considering how beautiful the sixth Rurouni Kenishin OVD was!

Crunchy Carpets said...

My dh read a post about it and was saying that (and this is so true) while the story line was great...Straczynski's dialogue and writing was not.

That was the cheese factor.

Alex said...

Yeah. It's hard to keep the cheese to a minimum when the dialogue is so wooden.

Morgen said...

I loved the story arcs on B5
I knew Richard Biggs had passed on but didn't know about Andreas.
Of course, my favorite B5 character, Ivanova, isn't in these. Shame.
But a great post.
I'll be watching for these!

Morgen said...

Ooooh, call me a cross-over nut, but could you see Angel guesting on a new webisode of Firefly?
I mean, the guy doesn't age, right?
David Boreanaz and Gina Torres could be paired together... ew, wait. She played his grand-daughter, didn't she?