Sunday, March 18, 2007

Conspiracy Theories

My friend Mike over at What's Happening Vegas? had an interesting post that I thought would translate into a good post for this blog. He mentions a guy by the name of Robert Lazar who claims to have worked in the notorious Area 51 and had the opportunity to study alien spacecraft. What if it this guy was telling the truth? Granted, the guy is probably a crackpot, but it is kind of fun to toss around the idea isn't it? I tend to be in the camp that believes aliens do exist, though I don't know if alien contact has actually occurred or not. The funny thing about people like Lazar is that they are believable precisely because they claim government conspiracy. Doesn't almost everyone believe the government is concealing at least something of significance from the public? It isn't much of a stretch to think that they would conceal alien contact is it? Movies like Men in Black and TV shows like X-Files base much (if not all) their storylines on the government-hides-the-aliens premise. What is interesting to me about Lazar though is that he isn't another I was abducted type who we all generally dismiss without thought; though I don't know if he is generally taken much more seriously. But this is a topic I frankly don't know much about. Have any of you heard or read anything credible on this subject? Or do you pretty much assume it's all bunk?


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hi sqt! what's doing hon? i missed my cruise. drat. drat.

smiles, bee

Scotty said...

I'm fascinated by this and I have to wonder what it (the Govt) thinks it's achieving by trying to hide this sort of stuff. Don't they think we possess the intelligence or the fortitude to be able to assimilate this kind of information?

I'd be ecstatic to know the truth; it would answer a lot of questions for me...

Stewart Sternberg said...

I love Bee's's always like she's accidentally wandered in here and can't find her way out. Where's the mints, hon?

There is something about a conspiracy that does a person proud. In science fiction, a conspiracy is a key to a ratcheting of suspense, it can immediately up the stakes. Think of the conspiracies in these films (and I mean the originals):

1)Invasion of the Body Snatchers (cold war paranoia at its best)
2)Close Encounters -- I'm not even sure why the government had to keep this so under wraps
3)2001-- What have they found on the moon?
4)Soylent Green--Hungry?
5)Resident Evil--Umbrella Corp.

Of course since films always reflect their culture, it's best when the culture has real conspiracies to drive the paranoia.
For instance, during the last few decades: the people were pushed by the Cold War, the governments' fabrication of a reason to escalate Vietnam through The Gulf of Tonkin affair; the Watergate Conspiracy;the Iran Contra Affair.

And today? Where are those WMDs and what was Rove and Gonzales up to? Thank God for conspiracies. Where's that electric car?

deslily said...

I lean towards believing we are not alone..

that being said I think the mini series "Taken" was excellent in bringing about every "story" of aliens and putting it in context of coming close to believing it. Well writen/ directed and acted.

and having read Von Daniken's Chariot of the Gods where in the end he basically says "we are the aliens"..based on the fact that with the large brain we have only a small portion "works" we were left here as their "retarded" to survive... well..sadly, we are a species that kill each other for no reason and there is the large part of our brain that doesn't seem to really do anything... I find it food for thought lol

when i consider these sort of things I really think there are others, though I have no proof or "sure" of the fact. Oh, and I do have my brother and DeForest who both have told me they saw what they thought was a "flying saucer" i also know 2 people who Definately believe!

SGT DUB said...

Now would be a great time to mention the email someone sent me, I just wish I could find it. It brings to light the Area 51/Roswell theory and the fact that nine months later for encounter with aliens, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and a few others were born. hmmmm...

Crunchy Carpets said...

My hubs read a site where the guy layed out that all the stories of abductions, area 51, etc were more HUMAN tampering than alien..though aliens may still be involved but in collusion with governments .

He was talking about how so many abductees show evidence of Stockholm Syndrome. They act like survivors of abuse...the stories of abductions seem to be of either benevolent or creepy.

He even claims that the king of abductions- Strieber himself is involved.

Why else would you invite people to experience the same 'horrors' at your house instead of getting the hell out.

Strieber is apparently really pissed about this.

I met an abductee once.

Old Knudsen said...

A secret base that everyone has known about for years nah.

However if the Alien overlords do come doon lets hope the fattened up complacent Yanks can appease them. Nanu Nanu.

avery said...

Are you kidding, Old Knudsen? The aliens are sitting up there in their ships, watching American Idol, WWE, and re-runs of Rosanne and saying, "Yep. We can take 'em."

I'm sure the government is hiding lots of things from lots of people. Just spin a wheel of conspiracy theories and throw a dart -- wherever you land, you'll probably be right.

Peter P said...

I tend to think that we are alone in the universe, which is much smaller than it seems.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Don't forget Stargate Command!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

There is no conspiracy, those space ships were just experimental planes on test flights.

There is nothing to see here. Move along...

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

ohhhh i can tell you all about bob lazar, miss skywalker. just send me an email and expect at least 12 paragraphs in return...ever hear of indrid kuld, sonny desverges, norman muscarello?