Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Just a Few of My Favorite Sci-fi Movie Characters

I seem to like lists. But I guess that’s what blogs are for: to write lists and commentary about things we like or dislike and hope that someone will choose to comment on it. There is no way, however, that I could possibly list every character I like in all the sci-fi movies I’ve seen; so here I will just mention a few with the promise (threat) of more to come in the future. Han Solo: I don't know if I like Han Solo because he's a great character, or because Harrison Ford plays the part. I guess it doesn't really matter. Han Solo was the guy I think all the boys wanted to be when playing out their Star Wars fantasies. And why not? He was the cool one; the guy with all the one liners-- and he got the girl. And yet somehow there was more to the character than we've kind of come to expect from George Lucas. I know the character was meant to have a change of heart at the end, but Ford made it believable. I only wish we had had a character (or actor?) like this in the most recent Star Wars trilogy. Captain Kirk: I almost picked Picard. I love Picard, I really do. But I have to pay homage to the original Captain of the Enterprise; Captain Kirk. This is another character that's hard to separate from the actor. William Shatner is such a great over-the-top personality that he will probably be parodied forever. But somehow I always felt that Kirk wouldn't be the character we love to see making out with green women without Shatner's zest. And in a way the character, the show and the costumes kind of demanded a certain campiness; kind of like Adam West's portrayal of Batman. Speaking of which.... Batman: But not just any Batman; I particularly like Christian Bale’s take on the Dark Knight. I wasn’t a huge fan of the character during the 80’s--especially the Tim Burton versions. But the re-imagining of the character in Batman Begins really impressed me. The character development in this particular film was well done and Christian Bale seems to really bring the right kind of stillness-that-can-turn-into-menace to the role. Sarah Connor: Sarah Connor was a character that I liked in the first Terminator movie, but grew to love in the second. She might have been a little crazy, but then you’d kind of expect any woman who’s been chased by cyborgs to be a little unhinged. But I remember when T2 came out and I can’t remember another female action hero who had been so muscular prior to Linda Hamilton’s buff portrayal. It seemed as if every actress in Hollywood strove for that look from that day on. But the character was more than defined arms, she was tough. I don’t know how many of the female action hero’s of today would be the same if Linda Hamilton hadn’t set the standard. Wolverine: Yeah, my avatar might be Mystique, but if I was a guy it would be Wolverine. I only became familiar with the character when the X-Men movies came out; but something tells me I would have liked him in the comic books too-- though I certainly won’t argue with the taller Hugh Jackman in the role. Wolverine is tough, cynical and sometimes a bit of a jerk. But so what? He’s another one that’s just cool. The mystery surrounding Wolverine makes him interesting and his flaws make him empathetic. And apparently I’m not the only one who likes him-- a X-Men spin-off movie based on him is now in the works. Trinity: I loved the originality of The Matrix. I loved the fact that the movie made me think after it was over. But as a woman I also couldn’t help but love the character of Trinity. I will admit there is a part of me that still doesn’t really believe that she could fall in love with Keanu Reeves, but that’s beside the point. I really liked Carrie Ann Moss in the role too. Who else could point a gun at Agent Smith’s head and say “Dodge this” with such authority? So that's my pick, for today anyway. As always, I'd love to hear what characters you've liked in the past and who you would like to see more of.


avery said...

The Bride from Kill Bill (I know its not technically sci-fi, but no one can kill that many people at once and emerge unscathed, so I'll pretend its loose fantasy). She was a very complex character who made it difficult (for me anyway) to reconcile her sweetness with her unflinching ability to kill everyone in sight. Plus, it's Uma. 'Nuff said.

I liked Morpheus in The Matrix better. Lawrence Fishburne just oozes cool.

Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane. He was so convincingly confused the entire movie. Okay, again not Sci-Fi, but it is fantasy.

Captain Mal of Firefly and Serenity. I love the blend of Wild West and Far East Joss created. Nathan Fillion pulled it off spectacularly. I'll have to add in River, too. Crazy, combat-booted, and able to kick everyone else's ass -- what's not to like?

mist1 said...

Sarah Connor's arms changed my life. I should probably watch T2 again for inspiration.

SQT said...


Great list. I like all those characters too.

Johnny Depp has an amazing ability IMO to create great characters. Ichabod Crane was great. I loved him in that movie.

I do plan on doing a fantasy character list too. I mean, why not? It's hard to think of stuff to post every day.

Peter P said...

Lord Desslok from Starblazer. Who can resist blue skin and red cape?

Kaylee from Firefly and Serenity. She is always so happy.

Captain Kirk from Star Trek. Priceline has some really good deals.

Peter P said...

Here is a Dramatica analysis of Star Wars:

Pretty interesting.

UFR said...

I'm with you on Han Solo. When I was a kid all the other girls were in love with Luke Skywalker because he was the hero but I was all about that bad boy Han Solo. *sigh*

Other sci-fi characters that I really like are Chiana. She was always such a naughty little minx.

Another one of my favorite sci-fi characters is Roy Baty. He was made out to be the bad guy in the movie but was he really? The movie could have just as easily been told from Roy's and the other Replacants POV with the bad guys being the Blade Runners. They were used as slave labor off world and only given a 5 year life span. Anytime they got out of line they were hunted down and killed by the Blande Runners.

I loved how at the end Roy showed Deckard that he wasn't just an evil killer, he just wanted a chance at life like real humans got.

I love Blade Runner and could go on about it all day long, but I'll stop now. :P

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Sarah Connor is my favourite. Without her in T3 it wasn't the same.

deslily said...

You picked two that I would: Hans Solo and Wolverine.. I have many fantasy characters more then sci fi..

of course I would be remiss if I didn't say numero uno would be "Dr McCoy" from Star Trek.. heh. I'd have been constantly sick if I was on the Enterprise LOL...

Carl V. said...

Great list!!! Oddly enough, when I was a kid almost everyone wanted to play Luke. Of course there was always at least one kid who wanted to play Han so, being the peacemaker that I am, I ended up playing Boba Fett all the time. I figured if I couldn't be my beloved Han I might as well be one of his mortal enemies.

weenie said...

Great list - like you, I dunno if I like Han Solo because I like Harrison Ford.

I've always liked Wolverine from when I used to read the X-Men comics but I think I like him more now because of Hugh Jackman! :)

Sarah Connor? I wanted her biceps!

SolShine7 said...

Great list. I agree with you on everyone except Captain Kirk. I'm not a Star Trek fan, but if I had to pick a captain it would be Piccard because Patrick Stewart is pretty cool. The only redeemable thing from Star Trek is the Borg...especially Seven of Nine, she was wicked cool.

Hey there, Skippy said...

The Doctor!

Morgen said...

Some faves from Mo:

Inara from Serenity
Ripley from Aliens
Sarah Connor - that's a good one I probably wouldn't have thought of on my own, but YES! I'd trade places with Linda Hamilton in that hot love scene with Michael Biehn any day!